Nov 05 2013

ILG’s Gajan Idaikkadar – Why I’m Standing for Harrow on the Hill

gajan_idaikkadarDr. Gajan Idaikkadar : Why am I standing in Harrow on the Hill by-election on 7 November?

I believe people have generally lost confidence in politicians because the politicians have forgotten that they should prioritise and serve the residents first.

I stand before the people of Harrow on the Hill with the key theme of putting the residents of “Harrow First”.

We must never forget that Harrow residents and tax payers come before ‘petty party politics’ and ‘career politicians’.

I believe in listening to people and this is why I have put my hat in the ring for the Harrow on the Hill by-election on 7 November.

I know I am the underdog, without Lord Ashcroft’s millions trickling in from Conservative Headquarters or the might of Labour’s aloof campaign machinery, that treats people as mere numbers by putting a tick on their ‘Voter Id’ rather than listening to their genuine concerns.

With the help of residents of Harrow, I believe that there is still scope for local community candidates to make a difference. I want to make politics local.

I pledge to work for the residents of Harrow on the Hill, rather than party political point scoring by career politicians – unless there is a point of principle and dignity.

I want to work towards solutions and what can be achieved by people working together than negative campaigning.

I would like to share some personal experiences with you.

Despite my wife Shreeta and I both being so called young qualified professionals we are struggling to find a mortgage. This has opened my mind to the housing problems the Borough’s young people are facing. Also, whilst playing “away” games of cricket as well as football fixtures, it is obvious that Harrow has a very poor state of playing facilities. We really need to work on this. This is what politics needs to be about, making a positive difference for the people in Harrow, wherever we can.

In between my shifts as NHS Doctor, I have been trying extremely hard to get my message and pledges across to as many people as possible in Harrow on the Hill. I profusely apologise if I have not had a chance to speak to every one of you personally or knock on your door. If elected, I would like to arrange a regular surgery to speak to local residents.

I request and urge people of Harrow on the Hill to come out on 7 November and vote for putting the residents of “Harrow First”, represented by me, Dr. Gajan Idaikkadar, or any one else they believe can serve them better, rather than seemingly outdated and out of touch career politicians who may put part politics before the people of Harrow on the Hill.

If you need any assistance, help or would like to discuss policy priorities and local problems, please contact Harrow First Team on 07812028741 and we will be delighted to help or arrange a meeting.

Yours sincerely

Dr Gajan Idaikkadar
Harrow First Candidate for Harrow on the Hill by-election on 7 November
Independent Labour Group

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