May 10 2013

In, Out, In, Out, Shake it all About…

labour_roseTwo days ago, we were told that Cllr Raj Ray had defected from the Harrow Labour Group to join the Independent Labour Group, along with eight of his colleagues.

Today, we hear from Group Leader – not Council Leader, you understand, that Cllr Ray has, in fact, defected BACK to the Labour Group. Is this Clr Perry’s “Divide and Conquer” technique in play? Or is is a simply a case that Cllr Ray has been tempted by vague offerings of a Cabinet position, should Leader Perry ever get that far? Or is it a game of musical chairs or some other kids games that he is playing?

Local residents in Cllr Ray’s ward, Roxeth, may, frankly, not give a damn either way where he ends up. Few residents have seen him in recent months, he ignores requests to turn out to his local Residents’ Association meetings, and he fails to acknowledge concerns about Roxeth that one of his constituents put to him.

There are many hard working councillors, and indeed, Absent Man Ray’s Labour colleagues in Roxeth seem to have been carrying him over recent years. Maybe it’s time for Cllr Ray to get his snout out the trough, step aside and let someone who’s actually interested in the ward do the job.



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  1. Georgia Hcrfm on Facebook

    Can you see any part of this plan working out for any of them?

    The more I look at this, the more I feel there will be a lot of egg on faces at the end of it.

    I can’t see anyone benefiting from this (apart from the opposition gaining ground)….

  2. John Clement on Facebook

    Interesting that the king and the pretender are both from Roxeth ward so that the internecine warfare is even more localised….

  3. Colin Gray

    It might be worth asking Cllr Ray for his reason for returning to the Labour Group, rather than speculating in such a lazy way. His answer could be quite illuminating.

    IF Cllr Perry gets into a position to form a cabinet in the near future, the members are chosen by a vote of the Labour Group. A position for Cllr Ray would not be in Cllr Perry’s control.

    Finally, to suggest Cllr Ray, or any other councillor, has his or her “snout in the trough” is cheap, knee-jerk journalism. All councillors receive an allowance for the job they do and have to be accountable to their electorate at if or when they seek re-election

  4. Colin,

    I’ve asked Cllr Ray several question several times via email – and never received a response: and this has been over more than 3-4 years. I’ve asked Cllr Ray to assist on several matters in his very own ward: no response. And it seems I’m not the only one. There’s only so many chances he can be given to respond, and he has far exceeded those that I’m willing to give him.

    To have a councillor who simply takes the allowance, and gives nothing back to the ward he is supposed to represent, sounds awfully like “trough snouting” to me.

    I disagree with the part where you say “…have to be accountable to their electorate at if or when they seek re-election.” I’d suggest they are accountable every day that they take the allowance.

    I’d also point out that this isn’t just a problem with a handful of Labour councillors: there are are identical problems with a handful of Conservatives, but since I’m represented by Absent Man Ray, I’d be rather grateful if he actually did something, rather than being carried by his (much harder working) Roxeth colleagues.

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