Jan 23 2014

Independent Labour Announce Candidates for Roxeth Ward

ilg_rose4Independent Labour Group has announced three candidates to stand in Roxeth Ward in 2014 local elections.

Thaya IDAIKKADAR: Thaya has been a local Roxeth Councillor since 2002. Thaya is the original ‘pioneer of Free 20 Minutes Parking idea in Harrow’, and successfully implemented a free 20 minutes parking trial in South Harrow (which was subsequently cancelled by incoming Conservative administration, but he continues to campaign hard to implement this policy). Thaya has dealt with thousands of local enquiries and casework and is widely known locally for his down to earth personality, hard work, community cohesion initiatives and can-do attitude. An accountant by profession who runs a small local practice, Thaya dedicates majority of his time to help the people of Roxeth. Thaya was a Cabinet Member and Leader of the Harrow Council until September 2013. Thaya successfully implemented Harrow Big Energy Switch scheme to help local residents reduce their energy bills and introduced opposition Councillors on the Cabinet to better serve the people of Harrow. During his leadership, Harrow Council won the independent national award for the ‘Best Council To Do Business With’, invested in fixing potholes, and radically shifted its approach to procurement and management of contracts, saving the people of Roxeth and Harrow Tax Payers millions of pounds. Thaya wants to continue to serve the people of Roxeth and is keen to hear from local residents at any time.

Zarina KHALID: Zarina graduated from the University of Warwick with a BSc in Psychology and has lived in Harrow all her life. For Zarina, involvement with people and communities has always been important, so she pursued a career in regeneration and urban development, working as a Project Manager. Zarina worked for the Policy and Regeneration Department of a neighbouring Council, assisting on community projects, and later worked for a Housing Association, developing affordable Housing schemes across London. She has been a Harrow Councillor since 2010 and was one of the youngest Harrow Councillors holding a number of key positions, including Cabinet Member for Schools and Families. Zarina serves as head of youth groups in community organisations, running events, and is a proactive member of Harrow’s talented and vibrant community. Zarina is passionate about education, particularly helping young adults suffering from learning difficulties. Zarina believes in helping to improve the lives of all, and in the benefits of community cohesion, education opportunities and crime reduction. She lives near Roxeth and wants to continue working for residents.

Sukhi Singh MUKHAL: Sukhi has lived in Roxeth for 35 years and ran a local business for 15 years. His restaurant won 5 star awards. He knows the local community well and what it is like to create local jobs and support the local economy in hard financial times. Sukhi is married with 4 children, all of whom proudly attended local state schools: two of them are now Accountants, one is a Doctor and another runs a local business in Roxeth. For this reason, Sukhi appreciates the importance and benefits of a good local education. Sukhi is passionate about charities and is well-known for collecting funds to support St. Luke’s Hospice in Harrow, victims of Indian earthquake/floods and of the Bhopal chemical explosion. Sukhi vigorously campaigned for Free 20 Minutes Parking to boost local trade and help residents shop locally. After 35 years in Roxeth Ward as a resident and a business owner, Sukhi wants to work for local residents to make Roxeth a cleaner, safer, family and business friendly Ward.

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  1. Edward Cochran on Facebook

    Hopefully they will split the Labour vote. So we can finally get the Conservatives back in Roxeth. It’s been a long time to wait.

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