Apr 15 2014

Independent Labour Announce Housing Pledges for Harrow

ilg_roseHarrow’s Independent Labour Group have announced five housing pledges for Harrow:

1. Increase the supply of genuinely affordable homes

We will ambitiously build thousands of new homes in Harrow using recent funding reforms and work with housing partners to secure new social housing which can be allocated to local people.

2. Tackle rogue landlords and rip-off letting agents

We will use the powers available to us to curb the worst excesses in the private rented sector and tackle rogue landlords with appropriate interventions such as fines, unannounced inspections and environmental health enforcement and consider Landlords Licensing Scheme that we put forward to Harrow Council in draft format already. We will challenge rip-off letting agent fees and continue to lobby for reforms such as longer term tenancies and controllable rents.

3. Build homes for Harrow’s growing population

We will work with developers, housing associations and local communities to build homes of all types and tenures that will meet the needs of Harrow’s growing population. We will ensure low-cost homeownership schemes are available to help first time buyers struggling to get on the housing ladder. We will work to unlock stalled schemes that could deliver thousands of homes quickly and identify brown field and publically owned sites that could be utilised.

4. Bring empty Harrow homes back into use

The majority of empty homes in the capital are in private hands. We will use powers such as increasing council tax on properties empty for more than 6 months and use a combination of loans and grants for building works to enable families to live in them once again. We will continue to lobby for stronger powers to tackle the problem of overseas buyers leaving properties empty. Encourage Estate Agents to define properties for sale as “home or wonderful homes for people to live in” rather than simply investment opportunities.

5. Create jobs and apprenticeships in the building industry

We will use our powers to make sure new housing developments produce jobs and apprenticeships for the people and businesses of Harrow. We will encourage the use of local supply chains and ensure all jobs created are paid at least the London Living Wage.

More details on their website, here.

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  1. John Clement

    i dont want to live in an urban ghetto, I dont want the population to increase, I dont want services to get worse. I dont want to see our countryside concreted over. I want to live in England.

  2. mike mcfadden

    Labour’s Teletubbies and their politics of envy got us into this mess. Never give them any credibility again.

  3. King David

    Shall we throw in sea existing British nationals who are living like sardines in beds in sheds and being ripped of by some landlords? There is national housing crisis, esp. in London. Even Conservatives are planning or have to build new homes for future generations nationally and harrow. We need to get real and come out of punch and judy show of petty party politics.

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