May 01 2013

Inside Harrow’s Labour Group – The Big Shuffle

labour_roseOur boy on the inside Harrow’s Labour Group tells us tonight that there are some changes to the Council’s cabinet, following the axing of Thaya Idaikkadar as group leader, just a few months after his appointment, to be replaced with Cllr David Perry.

Cllr Mitzi Green, who perhaps thought she wasn’t up to the job, has backed off and been replaced by, we’re told, Cllr Bill Phillip as Children, Schools and Families Portfolio Holder. You’ll recall she was given this post following the resignation of Cllr Brian Gate last year.

Also changing is Bill Stephenson, who we’re told is likely to be stepping down due to ill health, with his portfolio, Business Transformation and Communications, going to New Leader Perry – we’re not sure who’s getting his portfolioship at this stage (he’s currently Community and Cultural Services Portfolio Holder).

Champagne Phil hangs on to Environment and Community Safety Portfolio Holder, presumably to represent the Council at future champagne-supping awards, given his stirling performance in that area to date. It is, of course, Cllr Phil who is behind the huge cuts to Harrow’s street cleaning budget that’ll see roads unswept, parks unlocked and dog crap piling up in the street once he removes all the dog-crap bins.

Cllr Susan Hall, Leader of the opposition Conservative group, said, “It seems we’re going to get more of the same from Cllr. Perry as Labour’s new Leader. If Cllr. Perry can look at Cllr. O’Dell’s disastrous record and not realise that Harrow residents deserve a change in portfolio holder, it’s yet another mark against his judgment.”

Our source didn’t want to go into too much detail, but he says all will be revealed shortly. We’ll await with interest.

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