Jan 10 2015

Invisible Dave’s Blog: New Year, New Start on Regenerating Harrow

leaders_invisble_blogA Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone had an enjoyable break over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

2015 promises to be a challenging year with the budget in February, our local hospital under severe pressure and the on-going housing crisis to name just a few of the issues that we will be tackling.

I think it’s important that we look to the positives and start to build on the good work that’s already being done. With the hard work of council officers we have presented a draft budget that, despite having to find £25 million of savings, still included more than £700,000 of funding to hire more social workers to protect vulnerable children.

And whilst our local hospital is facing unprecedented challenges, our Adults team is still doing fantastic work in caring for elderly people in our borough. The personalised care that we give is still recognised as being amongst the best in the country.

To tackle the long running housing crisis, with all the issue ranging from a lack of affordable homes to rogue landlords, I am delighted that plans are well under way to start the regeneration of Harrow. Under the ‘Heart of Harrow’ strategy published just before the New Year we have lined up over £1.7bn of investment from a range of public and private sources to build the housing – especially affordable housing – and infrastructure like schools that Harrow so badly needs.

With the possibility of Crossrail being built through Harrow, as well as encouraging signs from Transport for London about the development of Harrow on the Hill station, we have a lot of work to do in 2015 to build the a Harrow we can be proud of.

As with all redevelopment, we need to ensure that it is local residents that benefit. We will be holding public meetings and involving residents in the design stage of redevelopments; our residents need to be involved in every stage of what will be a massive and positive development for Harrow.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Ha ha don’t it make you laugh! Invisible Dave with his vanishing promises! All you ever get from socialist are the same pipe dreams paged out to every one so they sound the same but deliver nothing. More like Shaun of the dead.

    Affordable housing.(what codswallop) You’ll never get affordable housing in Harrow whilst you distort market conditions encouraging people on housing benefits. Cross rail to stop at Harrow. I don’t think so because its alleged the highest levels of TB in Europe. Who’s going to risk it?
    You go on to say, you’re going to deal with rogue landlords and beds in sheds!! Well you’ve had 10 years and the number has grown out of control as if doing nothing has given the green light to those that want to cheat.

    HMO’s are incompatible with English culture and the English way of life in small housing communities. Get some balls Dave and blanket ban then now. If it wasn’t for Mrs Hall and her six months in office nothing would have changed. Mrs Hall managed to get the £75 fine for littering imposed are you trying to keep it a secret.? Much needs to be done to get Harrow back to the way it was an words alone wont do it. A start would be to make sure those that come here must obey our rules and respect our culture and the best way to do this is to make sure all literature is in English only. If they still require a different language perhaps its time to tell them move to a country that speaks it.

    Also as a means of saving money any one requiring interpreters must pay for them. This in itself would have a great effect on migrants joining into our community spirit.

    My final point can we have a new years resolution if anyone from Harrow council or their representatives found misleading or lying (spin) to the tax-paying community will be prosecuted for misfeasance in public office. That in it self should start rejuvenating the borough.

    Happy new year to you all, 2015 a time for change!! We can do it. “yeah”

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