Jan 12 2013

Is Cllr Husain Akhtar Involved with the HCJ?

husain_akhtarThe HCJ – or, to give it it’s full name, the Harrow Council for Justice, or, to give it it’s original name, the Harrow Council for Racial Justice – has been around for around ten years, working on the principle of ‘different but equal’ – we’re not sure when they dropped the ‘Racial’ part of the title, although they haven’t changed their domain name to reflect that change.

We’d wondered who was behind the HCJ. And as it happen, a recent website slip-up appears to show that Cllr Husain Akhtar is involved in it. There had been much speculation on the forums of the Harrow Times over whether he was involved or not, so it seems that we can put that rumour to rest.

Making a very common mistake for newcomers to web editing, it seems that the HCJ website is today pointing some of it’s links to the ‘staging area’ where the site was written. Normally, this is a simple error to correct, but the giveaway is that all the links under ‘Headlines’ on the front page are pointing to:

file://C:/Users/Husain Akhtar/Desktop/HCRJ site/…

See below for a screen shot of the source code behind the homepage.

hcj_websiteOf course, clicking on them doesn’t work. But at least we now know who seems to be behind the website.  Cllr Akhtar hasn’t declared his involvement in Harrow Council’s register of disclosable pecuniary interests – perhaps, of course, he doesn’t need to.

Nothing to be ashamed about, of course – there are plenty of other Councillors, past and present, who have done much worse things worthy of shame, but in the interests of transparency, you’d have thought someone might have known about it before now…

We’ve asked Cllr Akhtar to comment, and we’ll update this story when we get a response.

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  1. Louise May

    You have a point if you have nothing to hide why not say who you are . However its not just technology that gives away who the faceless people are styles of writing are a big value if a certain Cllr Osborne didn’t write this I am the pope

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