Mar 28 2012

Is it Worth Reporting Street Faults to Harrow Council?

In a word: yes.

Recently, a neighbour experienced a major fuel leak from his car – the result was a large puddle of diesel across the road. Now diesel is technically an oil, which means – perhaps obviously – that it’s a hazard. It also smells, spreads very easily, and is a nightmare to clean (off of carpets, shoes, pets, small children, etc). This was on a Sunday afternoon, so having spoken to the neighbour, I called the Council’s 24×7 number to report it. Having given the details, within a very short space of time, two chaps arrived from the Highways department, and they spread a white absorbent cat-littler like material over it. First result!

Moving on, about a week later, and the cat-litter needed sweeping up. I was unsure of whether this should go into a green bin, so I reported a street fault to Harrow Council on their website to ask someone to clear it up. Within about 30 minutes, a cleaning crew arrived, drove back and forth over the spill in their little cleaning machine, and probably spent 15-20 minutes to do the job properly. They even asked a couple of neighbours if they could shift their cars, so that it could be properly cleaned away. Second result!

It’s very easy to condemn the council for all the things that they don’t do, so it’s particularly nice to comment when they go above and beyond, and do the job far better than anyone would expect. We’ve written to a number of Councillors concerned, asking that they pass our compliments onto the appropriate team. And wouldn’t it be a nicer place if we all said “thanks” once in a while when circumstances warranted it?

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