Jun 27 2012

Is South Harrow’s Library’s Days Numbered?

We spotted something in the 768-page, 92Mb additional documents pack (on pages 19-20, actually) from last week’s Council Cabinet meeting, which might worry South Harrow residents…

The pack contains the Core Strategy (2012) covering 2009 – 2026. It seeks to focus substantial growth in housing, employment and town centre development upon the Harrow & Wealdstone Intensification Area, and to secure development outside of the Intensification Area that promotes the viability and vitality of town centres and which ensures effective use of previously-developed sites within suburban areas. The Core Strategy is underpinned by the principle that the Borough’s development needs will be met on previously-developed land and in accordance with the spatial strategy; to this end the loss of open space and the development of garden land are resisted by Core Strategy Policy CS1. The site allocations in this DPD give effect to the spatial strategy and principles set out in the Core Strategy.

There is a suggestion that the site currently occupied by the library – and the health centre – could have a retail floorspace and residential space (for upto 34 homes). The commentary says:

The site is located within South Harrow district centre and forms a part of the proposed primary shopping area for the centre. It is suitable for multiple small retail units, a single larger convenience goods unit or as an extension to the adjacent Sainsubury’s supermarket.

The site is currently occupied by Roxeth Library and a health care clinic. Redevelopment should make provision for a replacement library/health care facility (if needed) as well as residential use.

It’s probably too early to say at present what this means, but it’s been identified by the Council as possibly having potential for redevelopment. And it was only this week that the Council was thinking about outsourcing libraries…?

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one…



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