Jul 24 2013

It’s simple – Harrow to introduce major changes to car parking charges

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council is simplifying car parking charges in the borough after listening to the views of motorists.

Parking charges in Harrow vary considerably and there are currently around 15 different types of charges and a variety of different charging periods in force across the borough, which can be both confusing and annoying for the public.

Under the new plans, four categories will be created in a similar way to zones on the London Underground – local centre, district centre, major centre and metropolitan centre – with a different tariff for each. The local centres will be areas like Sudbury Hill or Hatch End and places like Pinner or Wealdstone will make up district centres. Edgware is a major centre and most of Harrow town Centre is classed as a metropolitan centre.

A standard time period for charges of 20 minutes for on-street parking and an hour in council operated car parks has also been proposed. A very small number of locations in the borough have a long stay tariff (daily rate) which will stay the same.

The plans follow on from a six week consultation in October 2011 in which over 1800 businesses, individuals and organisations were invited to give their opinions on car parking tariffs. Their views were used as part of a review of car parking charges across the borough to ensure that charges are applied fairly across Harrow, in a logical way that was understood by Harrow’s residents.

The council is now opening a statutory consultation on these plans which will run until the 8th August. Harrow Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, Councillor Asad Omar, said: “Following our earlier consultation, when we listened carefully to the views of our residents and businesses, these new simpler charges demonstrate Harrow Council’s commitment to supporting businesses within our excellent district and shopping centres. The new charges will be easier for everyone across the borough to understand.”

Separately, Harrow Council is going to trial 20 minutes of free on-street parking in Rayners Lane to encourage custom in its shops. The trial, which will begin on 12th August, will find out whether the free parking measure will increase the short stay use of the existing parking bays and the number of customers visiting the shops. The results of the trial will be used to decide whether it should be rolled out across the borough later this year.

Residents are invited to have their say on the changes to car parking charges by filling out an online form by visiting www.harrow.gov.uk/consultations

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  1. J P HOBBS


  2. Praxis Reform

    I’ve said before that I believe Harrow’s Council is driving shoppers and businesses away with punitive parking charges: http://www.iharrow.com/council/praxisreform-says-14-5-of-harrows-shops-are-closed/

    So, I’ve taken a look at some of the new car-park prices changes, to see how they stack up…

    Wealdstone, which it’s Councillors could not seem to give a flying fig about, and which very urgently needs supporting:
    Palmerston Road and Peel House (Multi-storey) car-park, are both getting 33% price hikes

    The lauded 20 mins free parking in Rayners Lane is more than offset by the cancellation of the one hour free parking in North Harrow

    Stanmore, which fares better in terms of open shops and businesses, but is short of parking spaces, also gets a 33% price hike.

    Interestingly, Pinner, which we found recently is faring much better than the rest of LB Harrow, gets no changes to any of it’s car-park charges: http://www.iharrow.com/council/harrows-on-the-up-and-up-for-business/

    Lastly, and on a more positive note, Central Harrow gets an overall reduction to £1.40/hour. But when you compare that to £1.20 for *two* Hours parking in St. Anns car park, you have to wonder about the sanity of Harrow’s Councillors.

    By way of comparison, I took the liberty of checking some other nearby shopping centres:

    Edgware’s Broadwalk: £1.00 for 3 hours (first 90 mins free)
    Uxbridge’s Mall Pavilions: £1.20 for 2 hours
    Hatfield’s Galleria: £2.50 all day
    Brent Cross Shopping Centre: Free all day

    What more can I say?

  3. j p hobbs

    Didn’t we just know it more money for the Robbin Hoods of Harrow more wages for the fat cats at Harrows Uncivic Centre .

  4. G

    Can someone direct me to the exact consultation? I cannot find it amongst their list on the website.

    I have to add I think they’re going to kill North Harrow for once and for all by removing the free parking period. Disgraceful considering the money they ploughed into the area to regenerate business. They now have a Tesco (express) a popular gym and think they can extort money from people to park – when will they learn?

  5. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    So what do you want us to do – put it all back the way it was?! I hope you’ve all sent your comments in to Harrow Council using the link provided and NOT just had a rant on iHarrow?!

  6. Praxis Reform

    Excessive exclamation marks, poor grammatical form Cllr Stoodley.

    This consultation referred to is nearly two years old, and a lot can change in that time…

    So, it’s not that people don’t trust you guys running the Council. But without seeing the evidence that decisions are based on, it’s difficult to understand how Councillors reach the decisions they make.

    Without that understanding, the suspicion is always going to be that you’re all somehow benefiting from that decision, even though you might be the most honest council in the country.

  7. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    I disagree – my grammer is invariaby faultless, the exclamation marks are in the correct places and I dispute two is excessive! “I ain’t no Enid Blyton exclamation mark” said William.

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