Mar 13 2013

Jeremy Says: Jeremy Says: A Recipe for Corruption II

jeremy_zeidThere has been an interesting development following my last post regarding The Great Leader of Harrow (twinned with Harare), changing the rules on Councillors declarations of interest, ostensibly on Council tax benefit.

Readers may remember my mentioning the Daily Telegraph’s investigation into Councillors acting as “Planning Consultants”, for a fee, to push through Planning Applications and developments that might otherwise fail, by using their knowledge of the labyrinthine regulations, clauses and get-outs often in the teeth of objections by the residents whom they were elected to serve.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”…councillors could face sanctions under both the Localism Act and the Bribery Act.”[/pullquote]
Here is the link from today’s Telegraph with the response from the Minister involved, Eric Pickles, “He warned that councillors could face sanctions under both the Localism Act and the Bribery Act.”

If you refer back to the last posting, I mentioned no names, nor Parties, just areas and developments in Harrow where there are genuine concerns by TAX-PAYING residents, Stanmore, Kenton-West, Vaughan School and the High Rise monstrosities.

Can we be assured that no Harrow Councillor of any Party has any pecuniary interests, using their influence and inside knowledge, by acting as a PAID consultant, accepting fees for planning consultations either within or
outside the Borough?

Jeremy Zeid

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  1. MouthAlmighty

    Jeremy, rather like the MP’s expenses scandal, where we were promised that severe measures would be taken, absolutely NOTHING happened. As far as I know, Tony McNulty is still a free man! This, is just another veiled threat from our Tory masters but sorry to that if there are any suggestions of improper conduct from our planners, you have NO hope of anyone within Harrow Council fessing up and we will never be told the truth.

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