Aug 27 2013

Jeremy Says: The Hive Swarming over our Streets

jeremy_zeid3Guest article by Jeremy Zeid, Chairman of UKIP Harrow:

What a mess regarding Barnet FC’s “The Hive”, in Taunton Way, where slowly, aided by incompetent councillors and serially useless planning officers, it is becoming by stealth, a full-blown stadium with all the attendant
problems, crowds and congestion.

The original idea was for a “training ground” with a few non-league or friendly matches, but as has become wearily normal, Harrow Council “did a Nelson” and negligently (or maybe deliberately), failed to predict the wholly foreseeable ramifications to residents and the local environs, having apparently not examined the business plan and applications with a fine toothed comb, failing to enact robust contractual planning controls and adequate limitations.

With alcohol licensing, functions and full league matches now mooted the area around “The Hive”, just like the area around Stanmore Station on “Wembley Days”, will soon be buzzing…….. to the sound of cars looking for parking spaces.

This process started under the Tories planning “supremo” Cllr Marilyn Ashton, then Labour’s waspish Cllr Keith Ferry and finally former-Labour-but-now-independent-Labour Cllr Will Stoodley, with the common factor of Harrow’s singularly useless, obdurate, modern rat-hole slum creating, “planning” department. Meanwhile I hear from a reliable source that Cllr Ferry is specifically excluded from attending any meetings or discussions regarding the Hive. Why should this be?

The biggest nightmare near The Hive is parking, which will inevitably see expensive CPZs, permits, curfews and visitor charges, on top of the Council Tax, foisted onto Queensbury, Edgware and probably Canons residents.

Various worthies will carp and complain, but with Barnet providing the funding for the “controls”, a nice little earner in permits, penalties and tickets for the Council, while Barnet charge £5 a car for parking on site, it’ll be drinks all round, except for residents who’ll be paying for them.

Barnet FC is a professional business enterprise that acts primarily in theirs and their shareholders’ interests. By providing a service/product/entertainment to supporters/customers, Barnet FC generates the income it needs to continue. It is precisely because of this that the Council should have been on the ball. In stark contrast, Harrow is an inward-looking, self serving edifice that couldn’t run a whelk-stall, is contemptuous of business and because it is funded by a compulsory tax backed up by bailiffs, acts primarily in the interest of maintaining itself and its bureaucracy where apart from few crumbs and grants thrown to keep us plebs quiet cuts the frontline services that its customers supposedly pay for.

And while the stealth encroachment of a full-blown Stadium and League fixtures draws ever closer, Queensbury Rump-Labour Councillor Sachin “it’s the cuts” Shah, anxious not to lose too many votes, was spotted out and about in “concerned mode” surveying and canvassing residents about nasty ol’ Barnet causing parking difficulties.

But wait! It seems that “Our Sach” is a Barnet supporter, even wearing a Barnet shirt, so here is a question:- Does his being a supporter of the club that is located in his ward, Queensbury, amount to a prejudicial conflict of interest that disbars him from acting, from attending, speaking and voting at meetings?

Considering the immediate and long-term effects on residents, one would think that finding a solution to this and halting the destruction of Harrow’s libraries should dominate the agenda: but no, the only action seems to be Rump-Labour squawking on ad-nauseum about “the cuts” (despite having blown millions on useless initiatives, the IT fiasco, tarting up the Civic Centre again), and the now ritual and regular accusations of “racism” flying between Rump-Labour and Breakaway-Now-Independent-but-Once-Upon-a-Time-Labour to distract our attention.

I predict a Hornet’s Nest being stirred up over the Bees, which may well see several councillors such as Cllr Sachin “the cuts” Shah and others being stung. The flies are circling, but not it seems attracted to the smell of honey. The depths to which Harrow has now sunk and is still being dragged is a scandal.

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  1. R. Gordon

    There is extensive parking for cars and coaches inside the Hive ground and the site is almost adjacent to Canons Park underground station. So how much car parking outside of the site will there actually be?

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    There is no proper parking near Canons Park Station. Parking at Stanmore Station is limited and chargeable. Parking a The Hive is £5 per car. The car park at Queensbury Station is small. The only parking outside The Hive is on residential streets, there is going to be chaos and anyone who thinks that supporters are going to come on bikes, on foot or primarily bus and coach, clearly has had their eyes closed in Stanmore, Wembley etc.

  3. OGP

    Why are you talking about all this in the future tense? The league season began two weeks ago, we’ve already had a match at The Hive with an attendance of over 2,500 and another with an attendance of just over 1,500. The 2,500 attendance is about as high as it’s going to get for many months. You predict chaos but I certainly didn’t witness any at the game that had an attendance of 2,500. Furthermore you also underestimate the number of people who travelled by bus, tube or one of the coaches that have been provided by the club.

    You also accuse the council of being “contemptuous of business” yet the entire tone of your article is one of “not in my back yard”. The club’s move to a larger venue in Harrow has created dozens of jobs for those working at The Hive that were not there when Barnet were in Barnet. You’ve also neglected to mention the construction of The Hive which of course created work for those at various building, plumbing, electrical contractors etc. All of this can surely only be a good thing for business.

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Jeremy you’ve hardly got a single fact right in your colourful rant. The ground is leased to Football First, a not-for-profit charity. The parking is £1. The lease was granted when YOU YOURSELF were a COUNCILLOR WITH THE PARTY IN POWER (Conservatives) in 2008 and it DOES ALLOW Barnet FC to play league football after 5 years and non-league football immediately. So it WAS ALWAYS THE INTENTION to allow Barnet to play there when the CONSERVATIVE administration that YOU were a COUNCILLOR IN granted the lease to Football First. Very very slack research by you Jeremy and all you had to do was call me and I would have told you!

    So what we want to know Jeremy is if you are against it now WHY were you all FOR it in 2008 when YOU were one of the Tory Cllrs IN POWER AT THE TIME when that lease was granted? Why didn’t you do something back then Jeremy? Or is your article just a pile of political mischief?!!

  5. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Perhaps someone wou;d explain to the readers why Cllr Ferry is barred from having anything to do with this. If you actually read what I wrote Will, you will see that I took a pop at Mrs Ashton. The initial intentions for the Hive were for TRAINING, not full league matches. No proper consideration was made for residents parking and just because we’ve had no chaos yet, wait until the weather and nights draw in. Pleased to read that many travelling by public transport and hope that it lasts, but I refer you to the last sentence. For information, I had nothing to do with planning and as has always been the case various departments never seemed to talk to eachother, likewise Councillors, including when I was on the Council, very frustrating. When you add in colleagues who consider themselves to be far too superior to speak to a lowly back-bencher and you’ve had them too, the die is cast for problems. There is no escaping the fact that The Hive is expanding by stealth and we can only hope that it won’t impact residents too badly. Interesting how quiet it went over the rat-hole developments, the IT fiasco and the Library vandalism….

  6. j hobbs

    Hi Jeremy i thought you were going to help me with a petition and protest about the stealth cameras , what happened did you change your mind all the shopkeepers were looking to support it and you now they are wondering why you have gone quiet on this matter ?

  7. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ J Hobbs – any chance you could stop poaching almost every thread on here and turning them into stealth camera whinges? Gosh aren’t you soooo lucky that that is apparently the only problem in your life? Would you rather swap places with someone from Pakistan or Syria? Paul – can you PLEASE give Hobbs his own stealth camera thread so he stops stealing ours?!

  8. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Jeremy – would love to believe you but if the then Tory administration had no intention of Barnet playing there why were all the docs drawn up worded such that they CAN play there?! Keith is a Barnet FC season ticket holder-in the stand in question! So he sends a reserve – no “ban” so far as I am aware. Re any other o/s points-happy to discuss with you anytime.

  9. j p hobbs

    Sorry Willy have I stirred you into action and hit a nerve or two , didn’t notice much from you before so I have achieved a first , poaching yes you oiks from Labour would like to silence the voters and have your own way , can I remind you there is plenty of room for anyone to have their say on here not just you , I am not stopping anyone neither should you , so crawl back under your compost heap and go back to sleep , you can then wake up a couple of weeks before an election refreshed to spout , or you could even say something about your many stealth cameras . kind regards j p hobbs Are you asking Paul to censor his forum TUT TUT

  10. j p hobbs

    Paul Other than our little WILLY how many others have complained about me , I don’t mind you saying , I think I am owed at least 1700 shouts . xxx

  11. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ J P Hobbs – 1: I’m not Labour. 2: I’m one of the most regular commentators on here. 3: I neither asked Paul to ban you nor censor you. Reading’s not really one of your strong points is it? Unless it’s to do with stealth cameras. It appears from your reply that it was YOUR nerves that were hit!

  12. jp hobbs

    Willy , sorry i didn’t realise you were a commentator i am confused a little about who you do stand for . Seeing your comment about Pakistan and Syria did confuse me a tad but is it not time you said or did something on a matter that is causing a problem concern and hardship for the people of Harrow , that is UK in case you have forgotten , surely they are the people you should be standing up for or am i wrong about that as well ? you lot have funny ideas about what is censorship Oh yes reading…. i am waiting for removal of cataracts i do my best but its a bloody long wait these days , Maybe you can comment on that or do something about it . no just wag your tail and stick your head up where the sun doesn’t shine .

  13. j p hobbs

    Willy As you mentioned my reading in the thread above i have just googled and read Cllr W Stoodley and what a laugh i couldn’t find anything i would want to put on my CV on there can you ? i would however recommend others to read it . night night Willy .

  14. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Sure I can comment on your wait for cataracts-are you getting it done for free courtesy of the Labour party created NHS? And the reason for your long wait is because Tories don’t believe in free health care so they’ve butchered the NHS with cuts. Neverthess I hope you get it done soon and that all goes well. My uncle was one of the first to have that operation. Look forward to more sparring with you soon. Willy.

  15. j p hobbs

    Yes is good for our nerves , and keeps us old – parts – on the ball , that’s called a typo by the way not my spelling . see you at the – elections – that’s the Japanese spelling . have a good weekend watch the cameras . ooops jp There I go again .

  16. j p hobbs

    It was suggested I may get a white stick and a Labrador before I get a cataract operation .
    I hope this is not so but knowing how long it takes just to see my Doctor now I wont hold my breath.
    I wont mention Labours stealth cameras , don’t want to wake up any Cllrs as its the week end , cheers folk have a nice weekend . jp

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