Feb 19 2013

Jeremy Says: What the Hell is Going On in Harrow?

jeremy_zeidGuest Article from Jeremy Zeid, UKIP Candidate for the upcoming West Harrow by-election…

Am I the only one taking this by-election seriously? The main parties are treating residents and taxpayers with utter contempt.

The Labour Party have kept studiously schtum about what they and their candidate propose regarding local matters (and don’t mention the Council tax) , concentrating instead on Policing and attacking Boris Johnson (and getting it spectacularly wrong). The only picture is of Gareth Thomas the Shadow Minister for Standing Outside Buildings, in his one tie, standing outside yet another building, holding a sign.

Meanwhile Cllr Sachin Shah, Labours Financial Genius is still squawking about the “cuts” like a scratched record playing a recording of a parrot with tourettes, as if we’re really fooled. For goodness sakes, someone throw a sheet over his cage.

The Conservatives, although mentioning Labour’s Council Tax Hike are merely responding to Labour’s jibes on policing, by talking about Boris. What about WEST HARROW, Vaughan School, the Parks and the potholes? Oh yes and attacking UKIP, little ol’ me, rather than Labour who are the real enemy. Brilliant eh? They even suggest that they can halt Labour’s latest Council Tax smash and grab. Sorry boys and girls, but you can’t. In case you’d
forgotten, you are in opposition, even with the ex-Labour miscreants’ departures.

The LibDems?? Not a sign, no leaflets, not a sausage, nowt, SFA, zilch, unless they have a cunning plan to communicate to all residents by telepathy. I’m ready for them too.

The only other activity is from old stalwart Herbie Crossman, who had to manually stick imprints onto his leaflets as they had been printed without or them or the imprint was wrong. WHOOPS!!

It is instructive that the two main parties seem to be more frightened of me than of eachother. GOOD! I sincerely hope that people wake up to how they are being systematically fleeced, lied to, bullied, sidelined, ripped-off
and patronized by the main parties. Frankly it’s disgusting. We need CHANGE and badly. Vote for me and UKIP on Thursday 21st, and give them kick in the Ballot Box they so roundly deserve. Unfettered by Party Whips and answerable to residents, I will hold Council to account.

Jeremy Zeid,

UKIP Candidate – West Harrow

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  1. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    Here is the latest update.

    The LibDems have put out a leaflet, I have a copy.

    Precious little about West Harrow, but plenty about a “wealth tax” and “fair shares” which as we all know will eventually filter down to hammer us all.

    They rightly oppose the completely unnecessary Council Tax hike and then spoil it all by suggesting that those with assets (that’s ALL assets) over £2million, however asset rich and cash poor they are, should pay an additional £20,000 per ANNUM to the State Mafiosi.

    Met Herbie the other day, he is a genuinely good sort with his heart in the right place.

    As for the “Greens” why are they bothering? No leaflets, no policies, nothing. Presumably by producing no literature, not even recycling their usual stuff, they are “doing their bit” for the environment.

    No more offerings from the Conservatives, but there was a folded card from Labour, trying to tell us that Council Tax is good value at “only” an extra 46p per week. Apart from a picture of their hapless candidate crouching by a pothole the size of Vesuvius and blaming the “cuts” (after three years for goodness sakes); Anything about West Harrow, Vaughan school, the Parks, litter, anything??? ZILCH.

    What a shower…. The public deserve far better.

  2. Jeremy Zeid

    Pre-Election update. Apart from the flame-war in the Harrow times where I tried to calm things down by lobbing a few verbal grenades at the HCiJ and other online bullies. What a shower. As for Labour Cllr Krishna James, another hissing scratched recording of a parrot with tourettes, playing that tired and frankly tedious and offensive RACE CARD. It is amazing how many “anti-racists” are just racists in reverse.

    The latest leaflet count. My team put outs its SIXTH today, the pre-election one. SFA from Labour so far, save their candidate agonizing over a pothole that HER Party hasn’t fixed after nearly THREE YEARS in Office (with glass wall and running water (£43grand cheap guv)) Labour- On your side -keeping yoou safe, WHO WRITES THIS STUFF – More like Labour – On your backs, keeping you broke. Or how about LAbour – One Nation, surely, One BROKE(N) Nation??

    No more from the LibDams and still nothing seen from the Watermelons, errr sorry the “Greens”. Stillat least by not printing leaflets, you can claim to be “saving the planet” or “reducing your carbon footprint”. The problem is, WHO ARE YOU?? Oh well.

    Herbie has been out and about and truth be told he is a good sort with his heart in the right place. I always got on with him.

    saving the best until last, the Conservatives… What are they playing at. They have given me more FREE PUBLICITY on a leaflet that is frankly amateurish, while still saying NOTHING about WEST HARROW issues. Their Agent, Gary Markwell is the FINEST Conservative Agent that a UKIP candidate could have. THANKS FOR THE FREE PUBLICITY AGAIN.

    Come to think of it, who has mentioned WEST HARROW LOCAL ISSUES?? Labour – NOPE!, The Tories – NOPE!, The LIbDums – errrrr NOPE!, The “Greens” – presumably by telepathy or a “low energy” Bat-Signal projected onto the clouds. As much use as a one-legged man in an a**e-kicking contest, the lot of you.

    So who has been campaigning on WEST HARROW issues?? It’s a difficult one this…… Oh yes it’s ME. The rest seem to hold the electorate in utter contempt.

    A piece from my literature:-

    EINSTEIN SAID:- Insanity is doing the sane thing over and over again, expecting differnt results.

    A WASTED VOTE is voting for the same Parties and the same Broken Promises expecting different.

    Hopefully residents will heed his words. See you on the streets.

  3. Jeremy Zeid

    BRAINIAC!!!! TYPOS AGAIN:- I meant….

    EINSTEIN SAID:- Insanity is doing the SAME thing over and over again, expecting different results.

  4. Jeremy Zeid

    Apologies again. I omitted the following from the Pre-election update about the flame war.

    I forgot that as well as the grenades, threw in a few buckets of petrol, some gas canisters, a modicum of plutonium and lighted match to “calm things down. Sorry.

    There is little that is more entertaining than watching self-righteous prigs explode, especially when they have nothing better than cheap baseless insults to hurl around. What a shame… NOT!

  5. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Einstein vindicated!

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