Aug 02 2013

Job Losses at Harrow’s Libraries – 29 jobs to go?

harrow_council_logo2In a surprise move this afternoon, rumours are leaking from the Civic Centre that up to 29 library staff will be losing their jobs across the borough. This significant fact wasn’t mentioned in any of the published council papers, and appears to have come out of nowhere.

The news follows hot on the heels on the announcement that the Council has ‘outsourced’ the running of its libraries to a third party, John Laing Integrated Services, which kicks off in September. Any connection?

It’s also pertinent to note that the Civic Centre Library is ‘merging’ with Gayton Library from the end of August – not a closure, they say, just a ‘merger’ of services.

Also, for the first time, e-books have been mentioned as a possibility of a service that the library might also provide. However, these will not attract visitors to the libraries, and are almost always outsourced to one of the larger e-book providers: it won’t help save any libraries.

Once we have a statement from Harrow Council of the job losses, we’ll update this article.



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  1. Harrow Dude (@Harrow_Dude)

    Is this the same John Laing that intends to make 35 library staff redundant in Ealing?

  2. john p hobbbs

    Shame it wasn’t the camera staff and their bosses at the civic centre , mind you I did hear they were going for a system that did away with the Zombies that operate them , more wages for Mick and Andy . oops I nearly said the human element then remembered that they aint . jp

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