Aug 31 2016

Jobs for the boys – “non-exec” bonus for ex-Council leader

harrow_council_broken_2Back in May 2016, Cllr Sachin Shah took over as leader of the council, when Cllr David Perry stood down. However, what might have been missed by residents is that Cllr Perry was swiftly granted a non-executive seat on cabinet. So what? Big deal, you might be thinking.

But that non-executive (and non-voting) seat won him a Special Responsibility Allowance of almost £7,000 per year (sec 1 clause 3 in the referred document). Not a bad little earner, considering it comes with no responsibilities at all. A cabinet member, in comparison, gets an additional £20,100 per year. The Leader, Cllr Shah, gets an additional £31,400 per year. All those are on top of their base allowance of £8,340 (para 2).

So, is Cllr Sachin Shah buying votes? No, of course not – and we wouldn’t suggest that at all, as that would be unethical and clearly wrong. But that £7k works out at something like £300/hour (assuming 12 meetings a year and two hours – often less – per meeting) and it’s always handy to have a mate on board who gives the illusion of challenge. You wouldn’t pay much more that for an hour of, erm, entertainment at a house of ill-repute in some of the pricier parts of London (although we’re reliably informed that the going rate in Harrow is around £70/hour if that’s your thing, see herenot safe for work!). Anyway, I digress.

What also might have been missed is that Cllr Shah can appoint upto three more non-exec members of cabinet (para 172 viii here), which is a handy way to keep those more, ah, troublesome councillors friendly. Add up all the cabinet members, portfolio holder assistants, and non-exec members, and that’s an awful lot of money being spent…

Nice little earner indeed. With rumours abound of Cllr Shah’s honeymoon as leader being almost over, and reports of petitions at the Council Depot, Cllr Shah clearly needs all the mates he can get.


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  1. Mike McFadden

    Ha ha ha You couldn’t make it up.

    How come Harrow has 5,800 staff and yet the phones don’t get answered? Is it because so many of them don’t speak English?

    This brings me back to the sky high council tax in Harrow. When it was a leafy nice area under the Conservatives every thing seemed to work and the rates were one of the lowest in London. Labour gain control and it is totally reversed.

    Loony-Labour took in failed asylum seekers and lost children.* These people needed homes, feeding, money, medical and their children schooling plus plus plus. How many did they allow and has this practice cease? Who is paying for them now because its time some of Harrows frivolous spending was borough under control and tax-payers given a breathing space.

    The way to do that is to take care of the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.

    Harrow, needs to look at what it spends on vanity projects. Every time I speak to harrow its the same old same old, not enough staff!!! Where are the FIVE THOUSAND extra staff hiding? Why are Harrow constantly setting up victims units and the support groups. You just gotta have the support groups and tax-payer funds. Then magic happens. “yeah Right” and pigs may fly.

    Those that run Harrow have taken their eye off the ball. They have “NO” money. They are custodians of tax-payers money and are expected to take care of it and spend wisely “NOT” waste it.

    We keep hearing we are the sixth biggest economy but we are also the second largest indebted. Believe me @hit appens and when it does Interest rates will rise and all hell will break lose.

    Back to basic’s, My neighbour who is 80 next November can celebrate he’s getting 25P yes “Twenty Five Pence extra on his pension every week!! Hooray, if he saves it for 10 weeks he can have a Costa Coffee. However, he was out at 7.30 this morning sweeping his local street where jolly foreigners come and dump their rubbish because he, like the rest of us can’t put up with it much longer.
    Now imagine giving 25p per week to failed asylum seekers of benefit breeders. Can you imagine what would be said?
    Punch and Judy the cultural Marxist would run out of isms and bile.

    Time to think long and hard folks can we put up the Labours spending? Ave a nice day. Mike McFadden

    1. Someonewhocares

      {NOTE: BBC Licence needed to watch online now !}

  2. Mike McFadden

    Someonewho hides. Better known as one half of Punch and Judy. You really are a sado. When are they gonna get you back on the medication?
    What are you really afraid of ? Is it free speech? Can you account for the alleged missing 5,000 staff from Harrow council? I say missing because the phone never seem to get answered. Work never seems to get done. Could be £75,000,000 of tax-payers money wasted each year!! Obviously, not including your benefits. Ps: Have you ever had a real job and been accountable to real people? Don’t tell me you were involved in that useless IT system that Harrow council use. ha ha ha, I appreciate we couldn’t make it up. Have you been able to wear your victim badge today? If not Boo , will that do. My name is Mike Mcfadden Ave a nice day.

    1. red mirror

      mike being patriotic cogent logical and factual really seems to upset the Machiavellian gruesome twosome because they have no rejoinder only silly infantile responses but as my grand father used to tell me son we knew we were over the target because thats when the flak would really start up god bless his soul he wouldn’t believe the state of harrow now nor want to live there either he liked roast beef going to church working and playing cricket i suppose that would make him a racist today by certain twisted individuals heroes saved this land and payed the highest cost remember that Tweedle dumb and dumber as you sit in chicken cottage on benefits moaning.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Tell you what Red Mirror, Google/Study ‘punctuation’ and I might actually read your threads to the end!

  3. Someonewhocares

    Considering your own command of English grammar/spelling is so bad ‘Alf’ don’t you think it is a trifle hypocritical to criticise other’s English speaking ? Now I realise you meant “saddo” but yes I must be a sado(masochist) for actually reading any of your repetitious (off topic) rubbish! “Free speech” is fine – as long as it does not (actually) mean having to agree with any/all of your (mainly) offensive nonsense; However I must admit I am shocked that you just manged a single post without actually referring to ‘Cultural Marxists’! You do not know me – not one bit (and your guesses are always way off); ‘Get a grip’ Man !

    So, enough fuel for your customary rambling rant so far there ? Incidentally it is nice to see you using this blog to vent your spleen, what *would* you do without it? Glad to help!

    In the meantime here is a very useful way to spend the next 5 minutes:-


    1. red mirror

      tell YOU what Einstein i find it strange that you fail to spell the word that describes your mental faculties so appropriately yes dysfunctional not dis innit blood stop reading the menu in chicken cottage and try a dictionary.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Einstein? Now you are getting close… In the meantime whilst Googling ‘punctuation’ (and, hopefully, using some) do some further research yourself, eg:

        ” The dis- prefix comes from Latin, dys- from Greek. They have some overlap in meaning, and with -functional, both could be used.

        Now, function has Latin roots, so disfunctional would make more sense, in the way that both prefix and suffix come from Latin. However, dysfunctional has come to be the more commonly used spelling, disregarding the different roots of prefix and suffix.”

        Never actually been in a Chicken Cottage though, is the food there Greek or Latin/Italian?

        Incidentally it’s nice to see you supporting ‘Alf’ like this in his (presumed) absence, has he been “sectioned” now?

        1. red mirror

          my my you have been busy on google haven’t you? the word that you are looking for to describe the origins of words is etymology you could have saved yourself a whole sentence if you would have known that but please feel free to spend whole afternoons trying to assail my logic after all you should be grateful for me saving you from one more monosodium glutamate filled franken burger in hen hut with such erudition i am surprised that you are not gainfully employed oh maybe it is just willful evasion of an honest days graft .

          1. Someonewhocares

            Well I realise you may think I am just “dissing” you Red Mirror but you really are a paradox aren’t you? Posiibly (quite) educated yourself and yet you still seem unable/unwilling to use punctuation etc?: So what exactly happened to make you like that? Don’t you want to be better understood? (Or are you just another ‘lost cause’ like ‘Alf’?) Get off the psychotropics or whatever, cut out all the “Stream Of Conscience” nonsense and try again: I’m listening!

  4. Someonewhocares

    I know, I know, some (most ?) of you reading all this are thinking “don’t respond or reply – it just encourages him!” Well I expect ‘Alf’ is probably harmless enough and *is* entitled to his ‘opinions’ – however ‘wrong’ these may be! As for posting up TV links this was in the vain hope he might be able to learn something (about himself), but it seems not to have worked! However it is interesting to see someone clearly so disfunctional complaining about other disfunctional items ( and yet him not actually realising this )? Oh well, I tried; Any other suggestions?

    1. Mike McFadden

      Someonewhohides, are those silly voices in your head talking again? Get straight back on your medication and stay in the padded cell until you can draw more benefits or get another victims badge to wear. ha ha ha You’re as nutty as a fruit-cake. Now all can see for themselves. Ps: Who’s paying you apart from the hard pressed tax-payer?

      1. Someonewhocares

        Well in fact the only ‘silly voice’ apparent here Alf is yours; And you waited 18 DAYS to respond – or did it take that long for you to watch all your old shows on TV? You must be really rattled! And we all realise that without this blog to ‘vent’ on you would most probably blow a gasket too! Now, why don’t you just get back to shouting at that TV of yours and stop filling this blog up with your inane ramblings?

        PS: Notice you are not similarly picking on your cohort Red Mirror for being anonymous, but then again prejudice IS your middle name is it not? (Lights ‘blue touch paper’, steps back…)

        PPS: Do you really think that others do not contribute her because they AGREE with you??

  5. mike mcfadden

    Red mirror as you said, we must be over The target. Flack from the benefit brigade. !! Do you have any suggestions where Harrow hide the

  6. mike mcfadden

    Extra 5000 ?

    1. red mirror

      no idea mike but i would hazard a guess at doughnut shops bookies or the latest bestiality convention as you say sir you couldn’t make it up.

  7. Someonewhocares

    Now, (and On Topic), I must admit is might be galling for our (own) illustrious leaders to get these allowances but unfortunately as we know there are many worse cases as far as our ‘permanent’ Council ‘senior directors’ are concerned.

    -If only these payments were performance-related, and that we, as the ‘shareholders’ in ‘Harrow Inc’. were able to vote on these *annually*!!

    1. red mirror

      i appreciate your complement and criticism someone i must inform you however that i am anti drugs of any kind.

  8. Susan Hall

    Perry failed to turn up at Thursdays Cabinet meeting – the sort of Scrutiny our Leader Sachin Shah likes – non existent – given that the Council finances are in such a pickle I would have thought Labour would be spending our money more wisely.

    1. Mike McFadden

      You should know better Mrs Hall. As Mrs T used to say, socialism always runs out of other peoples money!!! Now its even worse with the victims badges and the “support” which usually means more tax-payers money wasted on vanity projects.!!

      It could be said Harrow has run a policy of welfare for votes and those that have frivolously spent and wasted tax-payers cash should be made personally liable for it. Just as Lady Porter on Westminster council was. !!! The chickens are coming home to roost and its about time.

      Further, Mrs Hall we need your help to “STOP” Harrow council from destroying the family way of life with these huge home extension turning them into HMO’s against the will of local tax-payers.!!

  9. Susan Hall

    Mike it is not just the HMO’s that are allowed, I am also very concerned about the number of homes where there are families living in one room, horrendous overcrowding which is neither fair to those families or indeed all the neighbours. I really wish we were in charge!

    1. Mike McFadden

      Ha ha ha don’t we all wish. If Eric Pickles is correct we need more then right on our side. A police force that doesn’t only harass white folk would not go a miss.

      Further, its the beds in sheds that are put in the gardens of these horror homes were in many instance the family unit have been terrorised into leaving the borough should easily be made illegal and the owners find £20k increasing each time the rules are breached. Would stop them over night.

      I have written to Michael Lockwood the unelected chief executive and Division Director Paul Nichols over these house of horrors but as of to date I’ve had no substantial reply. However, I won’t hold my breath.

      Your statement of overcrowding and families living in one room is one of the reasons our own can no longer afford homes in the area. Harrow council seem determined to turn the borough into a carbon copy of places like Mumbai. They, don’t seem to understand that’s not the English way!!

      Furthermore, can you answer the question what has happened to the failed asylum seekers and lost children* Harrow have taken in (1) who is paying for them (2) are they intertwined with the 5,800 staff at Harrow where the phones never seem to get answered properly if at all due to the lack of staff.!! (You couldn’t make it up)

      So many question need answering at Harrow. If the council goes belly-up will the government send in a task force to get these questions answered.?

      The sooner we get an open honest discussion on what’s gone wrong at Harrow the better for all.

      Regards Mike McFadden

      1. red mirror

        mike what we have today is the implementation of the pan european project the chief architect being the late count coudenhove kalergi an austrian aristocrat who stated and i quote from his book( PRAKTISCHER IDEALISMUS)
        the future people of europe will be a subhuman product of miscegenation.
        Also coudenhove introduced a yearly prize to the co conspirators to the agenda today it is known as the alexander prize/ award former recipients are tony blair angela merkel van rompuy to name a few .
        sadly mike the english way is gone forever thanks to the apathy and ignorance of the general population who blindly and without question allowed themselves to be duped well now the chickens are really coming home to roost and the hen house is full.

        1. Mike McFadden

          Red Mirror

          Pretty scary stuff.
          I was aware of The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and will never understand why when Wee Gordie MacBroon first came out with his NU-World-Order I nearly fell off my chair. He sounded like the villain out of a bad “B” movie. Yet it seemed to go straight over the heads of most people. Obviously, Wee Gordie wanted his share of the prize.

          Further, it obvious where that Multicultural nonsense that divided Britain originated along with Political Correctness to try and suppress any objection.

          The sooner we can reinstate hanging for treason the better, its seems it kept us safe from the traitors within for centuries.

          Turning to the 5,8oo employees allegedly on Harrow council do you think Punch and Judy are employed directly or indirectly to advance Harrows aims and try and ridicule any one with an opinion or a view that differ from the commissariat point of view?

          I wonder when he/she/it will appear to try and ridicule our conversation of what is really happening in white flight London and other towns and villages around the country.*!!!!!

          Have a nice day and thanks for your input.

          Regards Mike McFadden

          1. red mirror

            mike punch and judy are cointelpro shills who just attack and repeat nonsense i think it was goebbels who said repeat a lie often enough and eventually people will believe it . george orwell stated telling the truth in a time of deceit is a revolutionary act well let us fly our flag of truth over the heads the fifth columnist common purpose traitors.
            Who as you said in a just society would be hung.
            god bless mike keep well.

        2. Mike McFadden

          Red Mirror I forgot to add as MrsT used to say. Sometimes you have to fight the same battle more then once. So don’t give up. Its never too late. God save our Queen.

          Ave a nice day.

    2. red mirror

      susan do you think that youre increasingly sisyphean efforts are having any impact? you seem to be marginalised and ignored.
      everything has a sell by date dont be like the boxer who goes one fight too many time to fade away my dear and hand over to the youthful agile minded members of the party lest you become the ridiculed punch drunk mumbling of what could have been .

  10. Someonewhocares

    ‘Gentlemen’ WE don’t need to ‘ridicule your conversation/s’: They (and you) are ridiculous on their own!

    Again why do you think so few contributions are made to your comments; It is like reading something a 6 year old might produce (on a good day). We all now know that you are just a grumpy old 67-year-old Alf, and you are involved in the Gambling/Betting ‘Industry’ (and no surprise there) but Red Mirror actually knows better…Pity!

    PS: Finally “Thanks” for making a once-good blog almost unreadable!! I really wonder how far reader numbers have dropped since you started all your nasty repeated rants; Have a terrible day (karma permitting)!

    1. iharrow.com

      …and we’ll draw this discussion to a close now.

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