Apr 28 2013

John Lyon Swim School in Harrow – closing?

swimmer_photo_2Rumours are abound that the popular John Lyon Swim School in Harrow on the Hill is to close its doors to the public, reverting back to a school-only facility, with the loss of a number of jobs.

Immensely popular with young children for its well-structured swimming lessons, it has unfortunately led to parking chaos in and around the school during swimming lessons.

The swim school is likely to close in June sometime, but this is yet to be confirmed. Reasons for the planned closure are unknown, but one mother was told that it was a result of an order from Harrow Councill.

The mother continued, “I can’t believe this is happening considering swimming is barely taught in school and is an essential life skill.”

We’ll have more news when the school and Harrow Council get back to us.

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