Aug 15 2015

Joke of the Day: Cllr Barry Kendler Says…

kendler_2Couple of quotes from Councillor Barry Kendler (Labour, Edgware):

  • “The Chief Executive more than pays for himself by a restructuring that saves thousands of pounds and by bringing in regeneration money.”
  • “The Chief Executive of Harrow costs buttons compared to the salaries of the Council Auditors and many private contractors that Harrow use at our cost.”
  • “The Council has very few consultants as our Administration is getting rid of them.”

All this and more here: https://www.streetlife.com/conversation/1msjg9heofjrq/

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  1. Harishbabu KARIA

    Labour >> Harrow council is run by a bunch of jokers, without any regards for the council tax payers.

  2. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Cllr Barry Kendler quotes “The Council has very few consultants as our Administration is getting rid of them.”well who put them there in the 1st place noggin the nog & the magic fairy brigade.

  3. mike mcfadden

    Councillor Barry Kendler (Labour, Edgware): Is this the man that has presided over Edgware ward turning from a smart home owning proud democracy into a slum made up of rented houses many paid for by tax-payers. The area is a magnet for those on benefits that don’t give a tinker cuss for our culture or our way of life. Its full of so called licensed and free for all HMO’s that are a nightmare for hard working tax-paying home owner occupiers. A misguided failed social utopia from people with little or no understanding of the basic economic facts of life.
    I often wonder where Kendler and the other Councillors from Edgware ward live and if they own their own properties.* Do they object to having tatty vans parked outside there homes blocking daylight all weekend. Where HMO’s with at least 10/15 people living illegally throw their rubbish in the street and even urinating or defecating in our streets. A place where you open your front door only to be greeted by dead rats or other vermin. Many drinking alcohol and just throwing cans and bottles on the pavement. An area where if you’re a home owning tax-payer “Harrow Council” can’t wait to put a parking ticket on your car but I’ve never seen a ticked put on their benefit claiming residents. When I pointed this out to Harrow they, once again were not entirely honest with their response. When will this nightmare end? Ave a nice day!!

  4. Susan Hall

    Mike you forgot to mention the closure of the precious Library in Edgware, many relied on this service. How can Harrow Council close a Library which as well as the vital books housed the computers that residents need to report things to the Council -since phones are just not being answered. Perhaps this Administration dont want residents to be able to report things …..#JustSaying!

    1. mike mcfadden

      Susan, Labour’s biggest weapon against tax-paying residence is “Subterfuge” !! Lying and denying. At least the lock down at Harrow shows they are starting to realize the mess they have created. However, dealing with it is a different matter, way beyond the known ability of the hoards inside Harrow’s gravy train.

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    If you cannot get through by telephone and the computer system is often not functional the administration can then truthfully say “We do not receive many complaints”.

    The books were needed for burning to save energy at the Civic Centre and also for smoke signals to communicate with residents. After all (as was suggested on this site) they cannot now use carrier pigeons given the allegations of bestiality on the Council computer website.

    Perhaps drumming could be the next method of communication as there will be many brown bins returned along with tree branches.

    1. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

      May I suggest sign language something they should be quite capable of as they have been sticking 2 fingers up at residents for some time.

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