Mar 25 2017

Kenton East by-Election – Nominees

Harrow’s Kenton East ward is the next battleground in the borough, following the death of Mitzy Green in February. Those going head to head in this round are:

  • Charis CROFT, Liberal Democrats
  • Nitesh HIRANI, The Conservative Party
  • Nish PATEL, Labour Party

As always, if candidates would like to provide a brief photo and/or bio, we’d be happy to feature it on iharrow.

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  1. Wealdstone Warrior

    Let’s hope for a Conservative win in this ward. Vote for Nitesh!

  2. Len T

    I would normally say Good Luck Herbie but I don’t think there’s enough luck in the entire world to sort out UKIP right now. 4m votes in 2015, a stunning referendum win in 2016 and now they can’t even hold on to their only MP. Come on UKIP, what are you playing at? You’ve turned into a conventional political party and are just making a mess of everything. The other parties are dead to me but UKIP still needs to earn my vote.

  3. ricky123

    I agree Len, UKIP are in a bit of a mess at the moment but they are still the only party to get this country back in order.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Len/ricky; I think by now we all know – and history will also show- that UKIP were merely a party who, and sadly with a mixture of fear/alarmism (and straight lies), were unfortunately able to convince enough people that we could “all return to the UK of the 50s” or similar without any pain, only gain…. Their main manifesto was ‘uncontrolled immigration’ of course.

    History though will also show that the Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition were instrumental (or possibly just mental) in removing our chance to get a good handle on immigration 10 years ago:

    And finally it will show that Cameron/May’s ridiculous claim to be able to reduce net immigration to 100K was also utter nonsense too. And these are the buffoons who claim they can “negotiate” good Brexit deals for us. They will all likely continue to make a complete mess of that too.

  5. Wealdstone Warrior

    I predict a conservative win for this by-election.

  6. Dean

    Vote for LABOUR! Vote for Nish Patel

  7. Wealdstone Warrior

    What have Labour done to deal with bed in sheds around this area. You only have to view a Google satellite image of the area to see how many there are. Some of these so called brick built sheds in the bottom of the gardens, like small bungalows.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Unfortunately many of these types of developments are actually permitted due to CENTRAL Government guidelines and instructions to ALL Greater London’s LAs: If you have doubts try:-


  8. Wealdstone Warrior

    I have no objections to anyone who wants to extend their home for additional income through renting a room or provide additional room for elderly relatives or family members. The main problem are the squalid conditions some people are living in and the amount of people living in one room. People are taking advantage of desperate people who are looking for somewhere cheap to live for cash rent.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Then maybe *do something useful about it* all then instead of just resorting to your usual empty armchair deliberations; If you know of any such housing breaches, then simply report them.

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