Jun 15 2013

Kisses at the Council – Pippa Lee and Adrian Parker on Vaughan School Plans

random_charactersIsn’t the Freedom of Information Act a wonderful thing? All kinds of strange things pop out, often when you least expect it.

In a bundle of documents provided to us under FOI legislation, we stumbled across an email between Pippa Lee, Chair of Governors at Vaughan School, and Adrian Parker, Head of Education Strategy at Harrow Council. The email from Pippa, addressed with a cheery and informal “Hi,” – we may have expected a more formal “Dear Adrian,” type opener – ended with the equally casual sign off of “Pip” – and then followed by what can only be described as three little kisses.

Kisses? On a business email? What on earth is going on? Had we stumbled across something less than professional? Were we going to find all kinds of steamy secrets unfolding on the next page? Would this be like something out of “Fifty Shades of Grey?”


Alas, not. Adrian’s reply was professional and straightforward – and not a single kiss in return in sight, thank goodness.

But it got us thinking: isn’t this something a little too casual, a little cheeky, perhaps? And especially when you’re also including a whole range of other people on the cc line as well, including the Headteacher of the school himself.

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