Aug 03 2013

Labour Leader Responds to Harrow ILG’s Press Release

labour_roseThis a response by Cllr David Perry, Leader of the Harrow Labour Group to the press release issued by the Independent Labour Group, earlier this week.

“Labour Leader Responds” – Cllr. David Perry

Well Well Well.

Its seems the Independent Group running Harrow Council under Thaya Idaikkadar’s lack of leadership, have taken a leaf out of the book of their former colleague named Akhtar. They seem more interested in trying to ‘throw mud’ at the Labour Party rather than concentrating on running the services that the people of Harrow rely upon.

Recent meetings have shown the dissatisfaction of residents towards the Independent Group at their lack of understanding of the community, and in their eyes, seriously damaging the reputation of Harrow Council and the excellent staff members that work there.

I must say it is laughable that after a break in the mud throwing, the Independent Group now want to start this game up again, when they know full well that on behalf of the people of Harrow, the Labour Group are holding them (quite rightly) to account for the decisions that are being taken at the Council.

One minute the Independent Group are best friends with Akhtar, and the next minute they are publicly fighting with the person they were hell bent on pulling into the Labour Party 5 months ago.

Can I suggest that the Independent Group use this weekend to go canvassing, just like our party will be doing, in order to talk to voters, pick up the issues on the ground, and follow them up promptly, just like Councillors should do.

Leave the bitterness behind and get on with doing the job you were ‘not’ elected to do.

Cllr David Perry – Leader of the Labour Group, Harrow Council

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  1. Chris Peacock

    oh you poor poor dear. ..no one wants to play with the Labour party.. oh diddums..there there!.

    I think people are savvy to know that publicity sells & excels one stature David, especially if it promotes and makes residents aware of the hard work their councillors are doing.

    I totally agree! You are doing the right thing by canvassing as it may help people to remember that you actually exist as well trying to keep your current councillors focused so as they do not become jaded and misguided as did the Independents. For a small group they have shown to be very very resourceful haven’t they?, so I think we all know you would welcome the level of emotion on the media jungle drums they are generating .

    and No ! you cant come to play as you haven’t finished your homework!.

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