May 16 2014

Labour Pledges an Extra £1m to Tackle Domestic Violence

labour_rosePress Release from Harrow Labour Group:

One of the tragic consequences of the austerity inflicted on Harrow over the past 4 years is the dramatic increase in incidents of domestic violence. There was an 11% increase in reports of domestic violence over the last 12 months, compared to the previous year. The most recent rolling 12 months figures for domestic violence resulting in injury show a 20% increase over the previous 12 months.

Austerity has also had a big impact on NHS and social care budgets, meaning that carers are more important than ever in providing care and support for the disabled and those with a long-term or degenerative illness. Harrow has the second most carers in London, with some 26,000 providing vital support for their loved ones. The vital work they do was exemplified by the £407m bill that carers bill submitted in early April to highlight the cost of how much unpaid work carers do.

Victims of domestic violence, carers and other vulnerable residents have been hit hard by the cuts. Nationally, the Tory Government has just announced the scrapping of the £180m hardship fund that protected people who suffered an emergency, such as fleeing domestic violence or not being paid. Whilst locally the Conservative administration running Harrow drastically cut the £3m fund, comprised of the Harrow Help Scheme and Emergency relief fund, that helped those most in need.

Even with the council being forced to make another £70m worth of savings over the next 4 years, Labour are making protecting the vulnerable a priority and will invest an extra £1m to tackle domestic violence, support carers and stand up for those in need. Cllr David Perry, leader of the Labour Group, said: ‘The Tories cynically voted against investing this money in support for the vulnerable. They are clearly happy to pass the vicious and cruel cuts from the Tory government onto the most vulnerable residents in Harrow. In contrast, the Labour group believe in working with the voluntary sector, community organisations and residents to bring about positive change that will make a difference to residents in Harrow. I am proud of our pledge to invest an extra £1m to tackle domestic violence, support carers and stand up for those in need.’

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