Jun 19 2013

Labour Puts the (Dog) Crap Back in Harrow

dogpooGuest post by Murray, who’s running a campaign to get Harrow Council to rethink the idea of removing Dog Bins from Harrow.

To save £35,000 the apparently common-sense lacking Labour Council in Harrow are going to rip all the dog waste bins out of Harrow open spaces and get dog walkers to put the dog-poo in the ordinary rubbish bins. In our Pinner Park, 9 dog waste bins are going to get scrapped and dog owners have been told to put the poo bags in the 4 ordinary rubbish bins that fill up now in a weekend. The dog bins are now emptied daily; the rubbish bin collection will be reducing to weekly.

This is the most stupid idea since stupid ideas were invented and – as users of Harrow Parks – we are worried about obvious health issues, the environmental impact to the parks and consequences to young children across the Borough.

As we have little time to get a PAPER PETITION together, we are trying to get an EMAIL PETITION to present to the Labour Council and hope the Labour councillors are not too busy fighting each other in the Council Chamber and the letter pages of the Harrow Press to come to the front of the Civic Centre and accept an email petition.

We want Labour to cancel their Harrow First propaganda colour magazine and use the money saved to keep the dog poo bins in place for a cleaner, safer Harrow.

We believe the Councillors can find the money by cancelling the unnecessary self-promo magazine and spend it for the communities benefit instead. Now; there’s a novel thought.

If you agree with us about the obvious health issues, the environmental impact in the parks and consequences to young children caused by the Labour councillors decision, please email labourputscrapbackinharrow@gmail.com and tell us what you think. Also tell your councillor: http://www.harrow.gov.uk/www2/mgMemberIndex.aspx

As the bins disappear in 10 days, there is little time left so please pass this email onto your friends and neighbours (especially if they are members of PTAs or Mumsnet) so they can offer their opinion – an opportunity the Council has denied them. If you are on Twitter – please tweet this so the oxygen of transparency can expose this and shame the Council.

If you would like to have details of our Facebook page or want to know about the recent grass cutting changes that mean country arts such as hay making and haystacks will soon appear in Harrow Parks please tell us and we will keep you posted.

If you are available to volunteer to protest in the shopping Centres with one of our ”Don’t let Labour put the Dog poo back into Harrow” banners please flag your interest..

Thank you – and remember; we are very short of time.

Murray and the caring Roxbourne dog walkers. Please keep looking in our information box for updates, pictures and more information.


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  1. Praxis Reform

    Getting rid of the dog bins seems like an ill thought out move. Since this excrement is essentially a biological hazard, I can well imagine the lawyers rubbing their hands together and licking their lips at the thought of suing the council, when some unaware bin-man gets exposed to a burst or badly sealed doggy bag.

    Good luck with the campaign

  2. Susan Hall

    For readers of iharrow you will know I have been arguing against these horrendous cuts that include the removal of the dog waste bins, reduction of street cleaning and the stopping of park locking. I certainly support the campaign, I can absolutely assure residents that if the Conservatives were in control the removal of the dog bins would never have been considered in the first place

  3. john p hobbs

    How about a big pooper bin deep inside the Civic centre we could all take our poop bags there the difference in smell would be negligible .

  4. HarrowRes

    Yet another appalling decision by an appalling Labour council.

    When are these people going to get in touch with the real world in which its residents live?

  5. Gerald Diamond

    there is a small car park for Stanmore Recreation Ground off Dennis lane, well used in the summer by mums with children for the play ground, picnickers and players at the bowls green for their 5 month season. Since the winter it has been hi-jacked by all day parking- people who walk to Stanmore Station, or work nearby- stay ALL day and block the spaces. In spite of asking for some simple action- like locking it till after 9.00am, to restore this for park users, the Council officers have not helped. Surly it is their role to act for the general public and not let this abuse continue

  6. j p hobbs

    Steady on Gerald this lot in charge will just stick meters in there now you have told them people use it .

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