Apr 23 2014

Labour Say: Low Pay a real problem in Harrow

labour_roseFigures have emerged this week that 42% of all residents in Harrow West are paid less than the London Living Wage of £8.80. This makes Harrow West the 2nd worst constituency in London for the number of residents working in low paid jobs.

Due to the ‘cost of living’ crisis, with spiralling rents, energy bills and train fares, residents on such low-pay will still have to be on benefits such as housing benefits and council-tax support, just to get by.

It is a real problem in Harrow that residents are finding that work just doesn’t pay, leaving residents stuck on benefits and unable to fully support them and their family.

Working with the trade unions, the last Labour administration introduces the London Living Wage for all council employees. In our manifesto we have pledged to work with businesses in Harrow to ensure that all residents are paid at least the London Living Wage.

Cllr Graham Henson:  “The fact that 42% of Harrow West residents earn less than the Living Wage is a sad reflection of Tory policies, which have prioritised making a few people very wealthy instead of helping local residents get by.  The last Labour administration set an example in Harrow by paying all council employees’ at least the London Living Wage and we will continue to work with businesses in Harrow to ensure that other employers can also pay their staff a decent wage. Being paid enough to live is a right and something that all residents of Harrow deserve.”

Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas (Labour): “These figures are a shocking and powerful demonstration that the cost of living crisis is a reality for far too many people in Harrow. Until the government are willing to address this pay crisis and recognise the need to help employers to create better paid jobs, too many Harrow residents will continue to struggle to make ends meet.”

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Absolute nonsense. It’s because Harrow’s Labour party has encouraged people to come and live here on benefits. Harrow under the Tories had one of the lowest council tax and because of Nu Labours push to make “in the words of Ken Livingstone” a socialist state within a state one of the highest council tax areas. Which in turn encouraged the poor and down and outs from all over to congregate in Harrow. Many only work 17 hrs a week and have money made up from benefits. Harrow as become a paradise for the lazy or benefit breeeder’s. This is not the area it was before Nu-Labour intention to destroy our way of life. Lets get it back to an area of home owner occupiers and hard working people that have pride in our area and country. We don’t want scroungers that throw their rubbish on or street. We also want signs in English only. We are not living in Bangladesh or any other foreign land. Those wanting sign’s/leaflets written in another language please go and live in those countries. This is ENGLAND.

  2. j p hobbs

    HEAR HEAR Well said .

  3. John Clement

    Given the demographics of Harrow, I assumwe then that it is people who would tend to vote Labour who are paying these below the legal level wages. In which case prosecute them. Some shops for instance do not pay staff at all -just giving them subsistence.

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