Oct 03 2013

Leader’s Blog: A Message to Neighbourhood Champions

susan_hall_leaderIt’s a new month and, I’ve decided, a new era for the Leader’s Blog. I know that in the past updates on this blog have been fairly few and far between, as it takes a fair amount of time to do the rather long updates that have appeared before. My plan is to blog more regularly, but with shorter and more up to date posts. So much like a good diet, you’ll be getting a little of me, more often.

This evening I’m heading to the Kadwa Patidar Centre in Kenton for the Neighbourhood Champions Conference. I originally launched the Neighbourhood Champions scheme in 2009, and my goal was to have a champion for every street in Harrow – 2,068 in total. Our Champions report litter, graffiti, potholes and low-level crime back to the Council or the police – they keep an eye out for the benefit of our residents, and know their areas better than anyone else. Our administration’s goal is to deliver a cleaner, safer and fairer Harrow, and Neighbourhood Champions will play a key role in helping us achieve this.

Unfortunately, the Neighbourhood Champions scheme has been rather sidelined over the last three years – seeing its numbers decline by around a quarter. I am absolutely determined to reverse this trend and reinvigorate the scheme for the benefit of everyone who lives in Harrow.

To those of you who will be at the conference, I’ll see you later this evening. Anyone interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Champion can find more information on the Harrow Council Neighbourhood Champions webpage. It will take only a small commitment on your part, but you can do so much for your street and your borough by getting involved.


Source: Harrow Council

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