Oct 08 2013

Leader’s Blog: A Week of Firsts – October 4, 2013

susan_hall_leaderIt’s been another busy week, and a week of firsts. First of all, I’d like to thank the hundreds of Neighbourhood Champions who came to the conference on Tuesday night. My presentation on the night was billed as my first ‘keynote’ speech, and I was so excited to be back at the helm of Neighbourhood Champions. I’ve since been inundated with e-mails and tweets from Champions who share my enthusiasm for the scheme, and I’m so pleased to hear your thoughts on how it has worked in the past, and your ideas on how we can make it even better. I am absolutely determined to see every street in Harrow with its own Champion.

I chaired my first meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board yesterday – the board which coordinates all the different healthcare providers in the borough. With the Council taking on significant public health responsibilities earlier this year, it’s very important that we work with our partners to deliver the best possible standards in healthcare for our residents. This is why I appointed Cllr. Simon Williams as Harrow’s first ever Cabinet member with sole focus on Health matters. Yesterday afternoon we had our administration’s first Cabinet Briefing – where Cabinet members go through and discuss the various proposed Cabinet reports with senior officers. I also hoped this week would be my first opportunity to see the bottom of my e-mail inbox, but given I received 43 in one hour earlier today, I’m not holding my breath on that.

Today I’m going to the Safer Harrow Conference, to discuss how the Council can work more closely with Harrow’s wonderful police to make our borough safer, and then heading back to the Civic Centre for meetings with officers later this afternoon. I’m also looking forward to tonight, as it’s the first evening this week where – so far at least – I don’t have any evening commitments!

All that’s left is to wish everyone in Harrow the best for the weekend, and to say keep an eye out next week for more updates.

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