Mar 05 2016

Leader’s Blog – March 4, 2016

david_perry_leaders_blogIn Harrow, every single one of our residents receives £159 less money from central government than the London average. That’s how unfair our council funding is.

That’s £40m each year.

That’s £40m of missing money that could go towards services from street cleaning and care for the elderly to support for our most vulnerable families and children, amongst many other services.

That’s why at the end of last year we launched the ‘159’ fairer grant campaign to get Harrow back its missing millions.

That campaign has already claimed its first victory.

Harrow this month received £1.4m – out of the Transition funding the Government recently announced for Local Authorities. This funding follows our meetings with Government – meetings that were backed up by our pragmatic approach across London.

This proves that our arguments are resonating with Government. We would not have received this funding without this time and effort – or without the support of Harrow’s people.

The problem is, that while Government gives a little with one hand – it continues to take a lot with the other. Public Health grant funding has been the latest victim – with an extra £1.2m cut thanks to the Government. This is what we have come to expect from David Cameron and George Osborne, as local councils continue to be hardest hit.

Central Government cuts are forcing us to make £83m of savings across Harrow Council and our services from 2014 to 2018. This is well over 50% of our controllable spend on services from parks maintenance to people with a disability to support for our young jobseekers and enterprises, to name just a few.

Harrow and our communities deserve better.

So we will continue to fight for a fairer grant and get Harrow more of its missing millions back. Thank you to all residents that have supported the campaign to date.

You can sign up to join our fight at www.harrow.gov.uk/harrow159

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