Jun 26 2013

Learning Observations in Harrow Schools

2-2-5A friend went to an event at a (unnamed, to avoid embarrassment) Harrow Junior school recently, where the children were selling food and drink. One of the stalls had some kind of skewered chicken dish, so she asked how much they were.

“30p each,” came the reply from the Year 5 child.

“In that case, I’ll have two please,” said my friend.

“That’ll be one pound,” replied the child.

“No,” said my friend. “That should be 60p.” The child went off and checked with a teacher. Upon coming back, they decided that yes, 60p for two was correct.

“Here’s a pound,” said my friend.

“Great, here’s your food, and 30p change,” said the child.

This is, incidentally, the same school where a Year 4 teacher had written, at a previous event, that one kilogram was equal to 100 grams. It should, of course, be 1000 grams.

And written below that? “1.47kg can also be expressed as 1047g” – it should, of course, be 1470g.



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  1. Praxis Reform

    Obviously this is where they train the next generation of Banksters

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