Jan 24 2013

LED Street Lights Come to Harrow

street_lightSome time back, Harrow Council decided to look at it’s street lighting capability, to assess whether LED lighting was the way forward. It would cut costs and help tackle climate change by reducing the council’s carbon footprint.

We asked the Council what the latest on this plan was – it sounds like a fantastic idea, and far better than the alternatives of either dimming lights or switching them off during the quietest part of the night.

They tell us that there are five trial areas, using this LED technology:  this will deliver a slightly reduced lighting level, one class down on existing and an approximate 26% energy use reduction. The five sites are:

  • Overbrook Walk
  • The Highlands
  • Crowshott Avenue
  • Kingfield  Avenue
  • Pinner View

Also near completion is Moss Lane.

If you’ve got any comments on how well they work, whether they’re bright enough, and whether you’d support the installation of them across the borough, do let us know in the comments, below.


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  1. resident

    These new lights are far too dim – pools of blackness between them. Safety issues – muggers’ paradise?

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