Jun 25 2013

Library Visits Plummet in Harrow

books-150x150Library visits across Harrow’s libraries have dropped by  just over 10% across the last two years, if figures released by Harrow Council are accurate.

In 2010-11, 133,000 visits were recorded across the borough 11 libraries, which has dropped to just 119,000 two years later.

Likewise, the number of residents signing up to join the library has also dropped, although by a lesser amount, from 15,539 in 2010-11 compared with 15,178 in 2012-13 – a small drop of just 2.3%, despite peaking in the 2011-12 year with 18,348 new members.

Almost certainly, the ebook market is hitting libraries, and Harrow doesn’t offer an ebook-lending service unlike some other boroughs or council are doing (for example, Lincolnshire, Brent and Medway). Incidentally, you can find a (somewhat outdated, buy user-contributed list of ebook-libraries in the UK here).

The chart below shows the number of visitors to each of the borough’s libraries in the 2012-13 period.


Still, if libraries fail to attract readers and borrowers, the Council has already suggested you’d be welcome to drop in just to use the toilet.

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  1. Jack

    Harrow had the most outdated library system in the whole of London.
    When every other borough was using computers, Harrow was still using paper tickets
    The way Harrow libraries are set up you need to make a special trip to visit them and they don’t even offer any dedicated “Free” parking at most of them.
    I’ve not stepped foot into a Harrow library in about 5 years. I doubt they can offer me any piece of information that I cannot already get at home using the internet.
    Harrow should have built new libraries into places people actually visit, such as St Georges and St. Annes shopping centres. Both of which barely count as a shopping centre with the handful of shops they both contain, but at least they both get a lot of visits from locals and have major bus and tube services nearby as well as plenty of parking.

  2. jp hobbs

    Being Harrow people probably cant afford the FINES or Parking on top of the increase in our tax.

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