Nov 27 2014

Lockwood – the “Third Man” Says @PrivateEyeNews

mike_lockwood-150x150The Lockwood Mystery takes a turn this week, with suggestions that not only didn’t he come top of the list for the Chief Exec’s job, it looks like he didn’t come second either. In fact, it seems that Michael Lockwood came third – out of four candidates.

An article in Private Eye’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column says that “Lucky” Lockwood got the job, at “the insistence of council leader David Perry” – so much for Dave saying that “…the recruitment process was transparent and fair…


Picture from Private Eye, November 28, 2014. A publication well worth subscribing to.

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  1. Rupika Dave

    Just when I think this council cannot get any sleazier, I read this!! It makes my blood boil. How dare they take us for fools?. Why did Lockwood get the job and not the highest scoring candidate? How is it possible for David Perry to insist on the lowest scoring candidate getting this most important of roles within the Council. Surely we deserved to have the best person available for the job? Smacks of corruption and old boy network and the stench is overwhelming. Can anyone out there tell me how, and if, it is possible to demand an investigation into this dodgy appointment. I for one am not happy to have my taxes squandered on an appointment which has not been made fairly. The recruitment panel should hang their heads in shame and as for David Perry, well, words fail me.

  2. mike mcfadden

    It will end in tears! What good did Lockwood do for Harrow? As I understand it he presided over huge increase HMO’s, huge increase in housing benefits hand outs. Huge increase in beds in sheds that has turned Harrow into a slum. Big increases in council tax. Loony-Labour come across as Anti home ownership. Was it under his tenure Harrow took in failed asylum seeker and lost children. Where are they now and who is paying for them?

    As I understand Mrs Abdul-Cader is carrying out consultation on proposed introduction of selective licensing because of the filth on our pavements and streets. It seems so selective hardly anyone has been given a chance to take part. If its the same Mrs Abdul-Cader who did little or nothing to STOP the spread of Beds in shed and HMO’s which contribute almost entirely to the filth on our street and in making Harrow one of the worst area’s in Europe for tuberculosis. In my view these people should be sacked or jailed not given a further opportunity to degrade our way of life further.
    My person experience with Lockwood and Mrs Abdul-Cader has not been a good one. I found both of them to be not very transparent or fit for purpose. Davy Perry and his band should seriously reconsider the employment of both. We need new idea’s not failed ideology of the equal sharing of misery.

  3. Gary

    what concerns me in this latest turn of events is how does any person reasonably know that Mr Lockwood was the third man, or again is this categorisation of the employment panel who by simple deduction of facts identifies that the information afforded to private eye came from inside council sources basic deduction of available information. I wonder whether I harrow would be helpful in unravelling this conundrum. The other question is how many other highly paid employees and interims of Harrow council earn more than the prime minister, less Mr Cameron’s expenses and of course the coalitions new road plan which appears to target marginal Coalition/Tory seats. what are the highly paid employees and interims key achievements, when considering that the take part consultation exercise seems to be directed at service delivery (low paid staff) not hidden costs of a top heavy management structure which is flourishing without reasonable or any public scrutiny. please can we seek this information from those who informed private eye. or is this a remake of who shot liberty valance

    1. iharrow.com

      Gary – wish I could unravel it. However, the Council has decided to play all it’s card close to it’s chest now, and isn’t sharing anything. I would hazard a guess that another candidate would have been Mr Nasjarek, since he’s been doing the job in some shape or form over recent months. The other two who made the final cut, no idea at all. Perhaps you or Harrow Dude could pull a petition together to get Dave to release how Lockwood scored in relation to the other three candidates – I’m sure HR keep some kind of record or note from the meetings.

      Agree a top-down cleansing of management is long overdue – one of Lockwood’s key tasks upon his return, I imagine, although I do wonder why he didn’t bother doing it in his previous tenure. Must have been a hell of an interview.

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