Nov 19 2012

Love Christmas, Hate Waste?

We all dread the bulging bins created by the amount of rubbish thrown out over Christmas – so why not take part in Harrow Council’s reduce, re-use, and recycle challenge?

This Christmas, Harrow Council has teamed up with West London Waste to encourage residents to take part in the Love Christmas, Hate Waste ten week challenge will continue until January 20.

Those who challenge themselves to go green this Christmas will be asked to blog about what they have achieved to share the benefits of a green and environmentally friendly festive season with residents across the borough.

Portfolio holder at Harrow Council for Environment and Community Safety, Cllr Phillip O’Dell said: “The Love Christmas, Hate Waste challenge is a great way of making your money go further over the festive season as recycling and waste reduction saves money. At Christmas especially a lot of waste is generated with unwanted gifts, excess packaging and wrapping paper so it’s a great time to get into reducing, reusing and recycling. It’s crucial to take waste saving seriously and take steps to reduce the amount of waste we generate. If the council can reduce the amount of waste that is created in Harrow we can save residents money.”

Throughout the preparation, celebrating and winding down from Christmas we will be giving you a helping hand to save money and help the environment with ideas to reduce, re-use and recycle items that would normally end up in the bin.

There are 10 themed weeks covering some of the big things everyone does including gift shopping, festive food and Christmas parties. Each week we’ll give you tips and ideas for things you can do. They’ll all be things which fit in with what you would normally be doing such as buying gifts with less packaging or creating meals with your leftovers. We’ll provide ideas, tips and support to help get the most from your time, money and the holidays with little or no increase in the amount of rubbish that goes in the bin.

…a great way of making your money go further over the festive season – Cllr Phil O’Dell

It is open to anyone and there will be lots of information on the West London Waste website for you to read, but extra support is given to anyone who takes this challenge and writes about their progress on the Love Christmas Hate Waste Facebook page. We’ll feature a short profile about you on www.westlondonwaste.gov.uk/, you can choose what you do each week and tell us all about how you are being kind on your pocket and having an environmentally friendly Christmas.

Source: Harrow Council

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