Sep 08 2016

Low Scores in Food Hygiene + @harrow_council Offers Training = Coincidence?

harrow_council_broken_2September 2, 2016:

Harrow Council writes to local business to say “Harrow Council are launching a new Training Academy… …courses at various levels for Food safety/hygiene…”

September 6, 2016:

Harrow Times runs an article (sources not mentioned in it) which says: “Thirteen restaurants in Harrow have been handed zero hygiene ratings, according to the Food Standards Agency website on September 9, 2016. [1]”

I was musing this on the way home from work today. Isn’t it a coincidence that  the the low Food Hygiene scores across the borough (scored by, it seems, Council officers) get splashed all over the local press just four days after the council launches it’s new training academy? And those very courses have been “…developed by Harrow Council…” as well?

Or if it isn’t a coincidence, would it perhaps be a conflict of interest, if they very body offering what you’d hope were honest and open independent assessments of your premises’ food hygiene practices also offered training to assist you? It would be nice to ask Michael Lockwood, but either he’s forgotten his email password, or he’s just ignoring us (to be honest, either is possible, but we do rather suspect the latter).

That £3,000,000 spent on a 3-year comms contract certainly seems to be worth it’s weight in, uhm, dog turd.

[1] No, we’re not sure how reporter Matt Lemon, the latest in a long-line of local reporters for the Harrow Times, managed to forecast the future, but we will be asking him for recommendations on lottery numbers.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    The reporter’ surname is Lennon and not Lemon. Paul you must have been thinking about food when you entered his name!

    i wonder how many of the Harrow Councillors have eaten at these eateries because the dodgy food and the poor hygiene seems to have affected their brains. I wish the councillors would make the display of the food hygiene ratings of 0 to 5, on doors and windows of eateries in Harrow, compulsory. I suspect they are reluctant to do so because there would be panic amongst the public when they realise just how many places in Harrow would fail to come up to standard.

    1. iharrow.com

      Well spotted!

      It’s also worth pointing out that the Harrow Times’ article on this included scores from some 18 months ago, which seems a bit disingenuous. Anything can change in a year and half (for better, or for worse) but if it builds up business for the council’s commercialisation agenda, it does seems a little, well, odd

  2. red mirror

    Shouldn’t a zero hygiene rating equate to the establishment being shut down ?what harrow council needs is a gordon ramsay type to whip things into shape one can imagine just what he would find lurking in these places (shudder)

  3. Sonoo Malkani

    Lists should be published in Harrow Times and also on the Harrow Council website plus Harrow People for the public to see.We should not have to go looking for these ratings but should have them displayed prominently which should make those with low ratings pull their socks up or be prepared to lose business or even possibly be shut down!No excuse for serving food with poor hygiene or other hazards for paying customers who deserve their money’s worth.

    1. red mirror

      well said sonoo people put there trust in these eateries and lax or very poor hygiene could literally cost a life your suggestion should be forwarded to the appropriate department asap.

  4. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    What you have to remember is that Harrow Council admitted sometime ago they had dropped the ball so if a place has not been inspected for over a year then the last inspection is relevant until it is updated.

    Go to FSA website stick in the area eg Harrow pick a road & see what you get or don’t in some cases,I can see that at least 2 outlets have never been checked since they opened .

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