Jun 21 2014

Lowlands Recreation Ground – the latest

harrow_council_logoResidents passing Harrow on the Hill station might – or might not – be wondering what’s going on with Lowlands Recreation Ground, which has been boarded up for a while now.

Sue Anderson (Labour, Greenhill) tells us:

A single tender has been issued for a contractor to carry out all the works to complete the project. The tender return date is today. Subject to receipt of satisfactory tenders site works are planned to commence 4th August 2014. Building works are due to be completed early Feb 2015. Opening event 16th February 2015.

If you’ve got more time on your hands, you can also review a mass of documents released under the FOI legislation, which can be found here and which might throw more light onto the reasons for delay.

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  1. Bill Phillips

    Thanks Sue, I’m glad that it is getting resolved and I’m looking forward to my cup of tea in the cafe.

    As I understand the problem it was simply that the Council’s preferred builder said that the building designed by the Council’s preferred designer was not capable of being built sustainably and that they could not guarantee it or be responsible for future maintenance. The designer understandably would not guarantee the build either.

    I don’t know if the tender is to be purely for building the cafe and performance space on its own or for a “Design & Build” solution. And although Paul has done sterling work digging up all the documents with an foi, happily, I now have my life back and don’t intend to spend my time reading council documents ref the comment about reading on my blog:


  2. Terry Mills

    I was disadvantaged by not being able to open the documents, so many thanks for the summary. Clochmerle?

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