Dec 07 2014

“Lucky Lockwood” Parody Appears on Twitter

twitter_logoThe Harrow Times spotted an account on Twitter this week –  @mikejlockwood – which has been tweeting madly, pretending to be Michael Lockwood, the previous – and soon-to-be – Chief Executive of Harrow.

Currently at 187 tweets, the account started on November 29, with ‘Michael’ saying “They’re a funny lot at the LGA – my leaving gift was my very own Twitter account!” and went on from there.

So far, ‘Michael’ has tweeted about his staff playing jokes on him, by hiding his slippers, hanging mistletoe over his bathroom mirror, and replacing his PC with an abacus. Funnier still, was a blow-by-blow account from his Christmas Party, where he introduced Ethel the drunk, gay Sachin, Nigel from Finance, Brenda and Glenda from the PR department, and one or two others. We also get to meet the apparently long-suffering Mrs L.

Well worth a follow, even if it’s just to find out what happens to Ethel’s false teeth!

If the owner of the account would like to get in touch, please email info@iharrow.com – would love to hear from you. Hat tip to the Times for finding this one.

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