Dec 04 2014

MailOnline: Harrow ex-Councillor Arrested Over Rape Allegation

mail_online_logoAccording to Mail Online today, Conservative MP Mark Pritchard has been arrested and questioned following an allegation of rape.

He began his political career as a Conservative councillor on Harrow London Borough Council between 1993-1994.

The paper continues, “The backbencher, who is MP for The Wrekin in Shropshire, was quizzed over the allegation after being arrested by police on Tuesday. Police wanted to talk to the 48-year-old over an incident that allegedly occurred in central London. After voluntarily attending Holborn police station, the former marketing director was bailed until January. ”

You can read the entire article here.

Updated 16.32 04.11.2014: Some doubt on his background in Harrow. Source given for the assertion that he was a Harrow Councillor.

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  1. Colin Gray

    I can confirm that Mark Pritchard was not a councillor in Harrow between 1993-4, nor indeed for any other period, I am not sure how this misplaced ‘connection’ with Harrow was made. Pritchard’s entry in Wikipedia repeats the myth that he was a Harrow councillor.

    1. iharrow.com

      His page on the Conservative web site says he was:


      All very odd.

  2. Colin Gray

    Pritchard’s entry in the Conservative web pages says:

    “Councillor – London Borough of Harrow (by-election 1993-94)”

    There were a number of by-elections in Harrow in 1993, as follows:
    21 January 1993: Pinner West. Conservative hold, winning candidate Mark Mallon
    24 June 1993: Canons, Conservative hold, winning candidate Garry Leon
    24 June 1993: Harrow Weald, Liberal Democrat hold, winning candidate Brian Williams
    13 October 1993: Greenill, Liberal Democrat gain from Conservatives, winning candidate Maureen de Beer

    The only possible explanation is that Mallon changed his surname to Prtichard at a later date for reasons that are not at all clear. There is no mention of this in his Wikipedia entry, although that can be itself the source of misleasding information.

  3. sonoo malkani

    Must admit–never heard of him as a Councillor in HARROW for the Tory party or any other.Definitely a glaring error which should be put right immediately.

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