Jun 11 2017

Man fined after chicken bones and paper seen flying out of his car

A litterbug who was caught on camera flinging chicken bones out of his car without a care in the world has been ordered to pay more than £500 after he ignored a FPN for littering.

This is the moment Harrow Council caught a litterbug in action. Having enjoyed his meal, Mr Sulman is seen on camera opening his car door and flinging chicken bones into the road – not once, but seven times – before tossing the empty carton out the door.

The filthy crime was caught on CCTV in Mollison Way, Edgware, in November. Footage also showed the litterbug dropping a cigarette butt in the street before walking past his fowl mess.

Sulman was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, which he ignored despite a reminder. He pleaded guilty to littering and was ordered to pay £508 at Willesden Magistrates Court.

Simon Baxter, divisional director for environment and culture said:

“I don’t have a problem with people enjoying their meal. What I do have a problem with is people making our borough dirty and the taxpayer having to clear up after their mess. It was pure laziness and lack of respect for his neighbourhood on Sulman’s part and it cost him dear. We’ll do the same with anyone else hindering our efforts to make Harrow clean.”

Over the last year, the council’s tough approach on litterbugs saw almost 8,000 FPNs issued for littering offences including dropping food, spitting, and tossing waste paper and cigarettes on the streets.

The council is also proposing to introduce a borough-wide PSPO (Public Space Protection Order), which will give it tougher powers to prosecute anyone caught displaying anti-social behaviour in public; including littering, urinating, defecating, spitting and failing to clear up dog mess. The proposals also include the introduction of alcohol exclusion zones to reduce public drunkenness. The council will make a decision on the proposals soon.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    if he does not pay the fine, I suggest he is sentenced to live in a pig sty for the next three months. I bet the pigs would be cleaner than him.

  2. Usual suspects

    Probably thought he was in Wealdstone, where dropping litter is encouraged by the council

  3. John Norman

    “Mr Sulman is seen .. flinging chicken bones into the road … before walking past his fowl mess.”

    A fowl mess indeed it literally was. 🙂

  4. mike mcfadden

    Hooray, I thought I was the only person in Edgware that tried to do something about this type of scum-bag. Special thank you to those that prosecuted. Hope the culprit loses his car.

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