Feb 09 2014

Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents Launch Website

mans_headPravin Shah, one of the characters behind the mis-named Harrow Council for Justice website, has put together a website for the Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents in the run-up to the 2014 Local Elections.

Little of the content is new news, nor does it focus on the two Marlborough candidates that have put themselves forward, Adnan Akhtar (son of ex-Conservative, ex-Labour, ex-ILG councillor, Cllr Husain Akhtar) and Navnitlal Patel. In fact, much of it seems to be recycled rhetoric from Shah’s other website, the http://www.hcrj.org.uk/.

That said, what should strike fear into residents in Marlborough is Akhtar Jr’s comment that, “If elected, I would be actively involved in the IT governance of the council…” Wait just a moment… As an Independent councillor, surely the focus should be on the ward you’re elected in? Not sticking your nose into the running of the council’s IT systems?

Akhtar Jr is described as “…an IT expert and has been actively involved is raising IT profile in the community…” but a Google search shows little. Other than a couple of websites he’s registered, but which no longer function, the only Adnan Akhtar in Harrow found on LinkedIn is here which describes him as a ‘Creative Consultant’ at an ‘online media’ company called ’10th Pixel’ – a brief search for 10th Pixel in Harrow doesn’t return any useful results. What’s worth mentioning is that that Shah’s website describes him as ‘born and educated in Harrow’ yet the LinkedIn profile – which may, of course, not be the same person, describes him as educated at Brunel University.

Akhtar Jr is currently showing as a Director at Digital Media Enterprises, based at 26 Wellesley Road in Harrow, where he has been listed as such since December 2012. Prior to that, he is listed as having been a Director at Sigma IT Consultancy Ltd, again, based at 26 Wellesley Road in Harrow, a position he held between August 2005 and November 2007.

Navnitlal Patel is described as ‘a retired accountant and community activist’ who is ‘well known and respected in the business community for his voluntary advice and support in commercial and personal finance matters.’ We were unable to find a LinkedIn profile, and a Google search shows nothing significant.

Nonetheless, it’s always good to see independents stand for the May election, and we’re sure we’ll see more of these appear in the coming month or two.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Political Party Logos

    There is: the Conservative tree, the Labour rose, the Liberal bird and I do not know what the logo is for Harrow’s independent Labour Group

    The Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents need a logo. I suggest a flagpole wih a pair of speedos at half mast. Anyone else have any suggestions for a suitable logo?

  2. mp2225

    A white flag ready for them to surrender with although Akhtar Senior will probably have changed parties again before then. Incidentally Independent Labour have a splendid red rose, a proper one.

  3. John Clement

    It is imperative for democracy that we have a none of the above category on all voing forms. Also non-voters should be considered to have voted for none of the above. In that way we should be able to get rid of most of the nations MPs & councillors of all parties and save £millions and make the running of the nation and localities far cheaper and more efficient and dispense with the services of thousands of dishonest, corrupt and lazy people who are dragging the country down in order to line their own pockets and those of a few of their chosen acolytes.

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