Feb 11 2014

Marlborough School Relocation – “Strategic Masterplan”

harrow_council_logoFollowing news that Marlborough School would be relocating, on a temporary basis, to the Civic Centre, we asked Harrow Council a whole bunch of questions under the Freedom of Information Act. After 20-odd days of waiting, and a couple of prods, they sent out an 11-page document enticingly lablled the ‘Strategic Masterplan’ which was published three months ago – it’s unclear what took them so long, as the request didn’t need much in the way of research.

Nonetheless, it makes interesting – albeit brief – reading. The document opens with the following summary:

“This feasibility study considers the temporary relocation of Marlborough Primary School to Harrow Council’s Civic Centre site. The school is a 2 Form Entry Primary school with a foundation stage unit. The school currently has bulge years across 3 years, effectively making a 3FE Infant school. The school is to be relocated in its entirety to facilitate construction on the current site.”


The plans call for the demolition of the ‘Youngmans 2’ building (lower right hand corner) to provide 34 parking spaces, which will partly offset the 37 spaces lost from the hard plan area. It’s unclear whether these will be reserved for school staff.

There is a second option for entrance to the school, as shown in this drawing on the back of an envelope:


Our questions in full were:

  • Cost of the move
  • Location the school will take up
  • Security arrangements
  • Safeguarding arrangements
  • All risk assessments recommended, suggested or proposed
  • Risk assessments carried out
  • Site plan, showing proposed boundary of the school
  • Access and egress arrangements for vehicles, children and visitors
  • Car parking arrangements
  • Internal and external structural changes
  • Internal and eternal site plans

Harrow Council’s response, in part, read:

The location, site plan, proposed car parking arrangements and related information are covered in the feasibility study.
(Ref: 1500 Harrow Civic Master plan Stage 1 Rev A). This high level study flags up the need to address security and safeguarding issues. These matters will be considered in more detail as work progresses.

The favoured access /egress arrangements are shown in the marked-up drawing labelled  007 Civic Centre Complex – Alternative School Entrance Option 2(b).

As the project is only at an early stage there are no other plans, documents and costs.

You can review both documents by clicking the links above.

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