Sep 14 2016

Massive Overspend on Council Budget – Lockwood Digging Down Sofa for Spare Change

harrow_council_broken_2From the council papers for this month’s meeting:

“The net forecast position at Quarter 1 on revenue is an estimated pressure of £6.334m on directorate budgets, after mitigating actions of £1.859m have been allowed for. This reduces to £3.793m after the assumed use of the central contingency budget £1.329m, use of Welfare reform reserve (£1m) and an unallocated inflation of £212k.”

What does that mean to the man-on-the-street (who is, after all, paying an awful lot of money for a Chief Executive and a whole fleet of beancounters to manage the budget)? Let’s scroll down:

Business Support is forecasting an over spend of £691k...”

“…the Community Directorate is forecasting an overspend of £2.805m…. In the main, the net overspend relates to homelessness which is expected to be in the region of £2.5m in 2016-17 due to the combined impact of a shortage of affordable accommodation in London, rapidly increasing rents in the private rented sector and the Government’s
welfare reforms placing increased pressures on household incomes. ” – And nobody actually expected house prices and rents to increase? Really?

Environment‘s overspend relates to an amber rated MTFS saving associated with the changes of garden and food waste collection system. There is a forecast pressure of £1.4m on this MTFS saving relating to an income shortfall of £0.6m against the original target for garden waste, additional operational costs of £0.8m due to more crews deployed than anticipated as a result of on-going IT issues…” – Wait, so the take-up of the brown bin collection was less than expected? This can only be because the council had no idea at all on who might pay, so seemingly just plucked a figure out of the air. Good financial management, Mr Lockwood.

The People’s Directorate is forecasting an over spend of £3.079m at Quarter 1. This is after one off planned management actions and use of Children’s Social Care Reserve (£218k) totalling £1.859m” – not even sure what this actually means!

Adults Directorate is forecast to overspend by £1.831m…”

As at Quarter 1 the total forecast overspend for the [Children’s Services] Directorate is £3.458m…”

…and it goes on, and on and on.

So what happens when a council goes bankrupt? We’ll have that analysis in a few days time.

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  1. MysticMeg

    Thanks to all the idiots who voted this shoddy lot in! Because of you, we are all suffering. I hope Karma bites you all in the shortness of time!

  2. ngerogi

    Oh dear! Who is responsible for this calamitous situation?

  3. F.D.Billson

    In answer to ngerogi, the electorate is responsible for this calamitous state of affairs. We have a load of irresponsible twits in charge of the council who are only looking after their own pockets blow the rest of us and this also applies to Lockwood who is in his position under false pretences. The only reason he takes his orders from his Labour masters without question is because they gave him back his exceptionally well paid job.

  4. Harrow Dude

    Someone, probably “Don’t judge me on what I say but what I do” Lockwood agreed that the Divisional Director of HR & OD wouldn’t transfer to Bucks CC as part of the shared HR service and this person received a final payment of £261,850.34.

    How many other senior officers apart from the Director of Adult Social Services and the Head of Adult Social Care have received back door pay hikes? It’s no wonder Harrow are over spent you can guarantee that official figure of £6.334m is probably nearer £10m.
    I suppose if all else fails Sachin can start a Go Fund Me page…

    I wonder how much they have in reserves?


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