Dec 10 2013

Meet Harrow’s Roving Recyclers

harrow_council_logoMEET the roving recyclers – Marcus Afrifa and Jason Rawal – who are hitting the streets of Harrow with the mission of helping householders dispose of their waste.

The duo have just started on a tour of wards where recycling rates are low to see what they can do to help. Both are visiting around three roads a day and offering residents tips on how they can recycle more.

The mission has the goal of cutting the amount of waste that Harrow Council sends to landfill – which this year is expected to be just under 87,000 tonnes. The council has to pay around £100 a tonne for all the rubbish it sends to landfill, so saving waste will ultimately save residents money.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, said: “This is all about offering helpful advice – not handing out lectures or telling people off for having their bin lid open an inch wide. Marcus and Jason are offering useful and practical tips on how to recycle more. That is good for a cleaner borough and fairer on residents who otherwise end up subsidising landfill taxes.”

So far, both say they are enthused by the reception they are getting on the doorstep. “Its going really well” they said: “People are very receptive, and quite a few are volunteering to become Neighbourhood Champions after we have visited!”

roving_duoThe recycling officers will soon be joined by a third colleague as their tour continues into the New Year. Their recruitment marks part of an £800,000 investment by the council into making Harrow cleaner and tidier, with new measures including the use of blitz teams to target particular problem spots, monthly Weeks of Action to clean up different parts of the borough and a programme to train and tidy parks which have become overgrown.

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  1. John Clement

    Please visit Station Parade, Northolt Road, South Harrow where the Stadium Housing association & Better Properties tenants constantly fly tip and dump rubbish.

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