Nov 01 2013

Melanie Says: Whitchurch Fields – A Recommendation Arrives

guest_post2I am not surprised that we did not win the application. Councils rarely lose, despite The Inspector instructing them to remove a piece of evidence that was so obviously untrue that it was laughable. We fought this without the backing of the schools. Now we have their backing and we also have the promise of the Deputy Leader that this land WILL be registered as a Town/Village green.

When I met with Mrs Winstrom, Headteacher of Whitchurch First School and Nursery, we suggested that the land be used to build a much needed extension to the school. This would be of much greater benefit to the community and would not cost the council a penny as the Department of Education would pay. I verified this with Bob Blackman MP, who has been the most wonderful supporter and ally in this battle. He agreed, build a new Whitchurch First School and Nursery, on the Department of Education’s tab, where the old pavilion now is (using more of the land). This idea has been put forward to the current administration but we haven’t had a reply yet.

However, as I said, we have the word of the Deputy Leader, so this recommendation, for that is all it is, can be ignored and the council can register the land voluntarily. That will certainly make life easier as I was not looking forward to taking the next step of a judicial review. As soon as I hear from the council, I will pass the good news on to readers of iharrow.

We may have lost this battle but we haven’t lost the war!

You can download the Inspector’s Report, the Applicant’s Evidence and the Objector’s Evidence here.

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