Jul 11 2016

Meltdown at the Civic Centre – phones down, IT down, website down

harrow_council_broken_2Struggling Harrow Council was left even less functional than usual today (no, we didn’t thing that was even possible…), after the council’s entire IT network, including phones, websites, email, went off the air. The problem wasn’t made public until the council finally bothered to alert residents mid-afternoon, some three hours after the problems started.

As of this evening, online forms are still broken, which means residents can’t report pothole, busted streetlights, or missed bins, nor can they pay council tax, parking tickets, and so on. For a council that seems hell-bent on moving to the ‘digital channel’ – and thus removing all other avenues of contact for residents – this is a ludicrous state of affairs.

Residents interested in finding out what happened, when, how long for, and how it was fixed (Sachin shoving another pound coin in the electric meter, perhaps?) should submit an FOI request. Which you can’t at the moment, because that form is probably broken as well.

Update: the tweet (yes, that’s all we’re worth) is here. Ironically, the one beneath is a ‘sponsored tweet’ advertising IT Support. Brilliant.



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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Quote from article “Sachin shoving another pound coin in the electric meter,”

    Sachin probably does not have a pound coin to put in the meter because (as he constantly reminds council tax payers) there have been cuts to Harrow’s allowances from the Government.

    Perhaps he could put in a claim for the pound under Councillor’s expenses!

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