Aug 06 2014

Memo to Dave: Residents Don’t Want a Chief Exec

harrow_council_logoDave’s “consultation” – which seems to mean asking as few people as he can get away with – on whether or not to bring back a Chief Executive to help him run the Council seems to be spiralling out of control. Let’s recap:

His manifesto said that his group would do it in the first 30 days. They were then late.

  • He failed to consult with the public, then, in a master-stroke, said he HAD involved the residents in it, as they’d voted for him – along with the possibility – back in May.
  • He chose to seek opinions from about 5000 councillors, council employees and school staff – just a few days before the schools finished for the summer holidays, so no great response is expect from the school staff invited to offer their opinion. He also waited until he had a chance to support the striking council workers, thus getting them on side as well.
  • Then, along came the Harrow Times with a Reader’s Poll, which found that 66% of those voting were against the idea of bringing back a Chief Executive – probably something to do with the £180,000+ salary the role might demand.

We’ve got an FOI request in to see how many council and school staff actually live in the borough – we genuinely have no idea at all – so that might be interesting. Of course, these things take the council time to answer, and they often leave it to the last possible moment, hoping it’ll have gone away by then.

No doubt, there will be more to come.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Under the article about the chief executive poll results, in the Harrow Times, a council tax strike was mentioned.

    Now that IS a thought! Dave was very keen to support the council workers’ strike because he thought they had better get what they deserved. Well, Harrow council tax payers are not getting what they deserve, responsible council management. So I guess leader Dave will be as equally keen to support a council tax strike and be there on the picket line saying,” Harrovians deserve to get better.”

  2. Angelina

    Concerned Harrovian Ha Ha Ha best laugh have had in ages! David Perry supporting us taxpaying residents he can’t even be bothered to respond to any of us on here!

  3. Yogesh

    Very interesting approach – this will be very confusing and very worrying for the leader and the party. Should they support the residents or not?

    Obvious answer will be not to support the residents. However, according to the manifesto promise and rules he is supporting the residents because they elected him on this manifesto promise.

    When can we have the list of all other manifesto promises, on which the party was elected, that will be implemented in the forthcoming year.

    May be this is the only manifesto promise that Cllr. Perry will implement as it is more convenient using the so called rules of elected on their manifesto.

    I suppose the only response we will get from Cllr. Perry is reinstating the office of Chief Exec, front line service cuts, three week bin collection and increase in council tax. All these are done deals and by end of four year term the residents would have forgotten all the year one issues.

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