Dec 09 2013

Mike Moves Out, Marlborough School Move In

school_yellowMarlborough Primary School, just around the corner from the Civic Centre, has written to parents to say that it will be relocating to the Civic Centre from September 2014, to allow its rebuild project to go ahead.

Clearly, it’s excellent news that at least one of Harrow’s aging school will be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up with facilities fit for the 21st century, but moving the school into the Civic Centre? How will that work? Exactly how much floor space did ex-Chief Exec Michael Lockwood have in his wing of the Civic Centre?

We’re awaiting a response from the Council on the how, when, where of all this – not least of which where the playground will be, and what safeguarding there will be between council staff/visitors and the school’s pupils.

You can follow the School’s Rebuild Progress on their website, here. Thanks to G for the tip off.

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  1. Timeforchange

    Incredible…..have the prospective new parents who were shown round recently been told? Was this all made clear to parents during the consultation process? Play times will be fun!

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