Aug 19 2011

More fly-tipping in Roxeth Allotments

Here’s today’s flytip.

We’ve posted before about fly-tipping in Roxeth Allotments – an particularly unusual place, given that you’d have to (a) drive through Roxeth Rec (which is locked at night), and (b) have a key for the gate into the allotments themselves. However, it seems some people will still go to those lengths, rather than visit Harrow’s recycling centre in Forward Drive, or even nip down to the Hillingdon site along Victoria Road.

If you have any information, please contact Harrow Police on their new non-emergency number 101, or Harrow Council on 020 8863 5611 to report it.

Meanwhile, both recycling centres have long opening hours, are fairly efficient in their running and operation, and – above all – free to use. You can even, as a Harrow resident, use Hillingdon’s facilities (at least, I’ve never been asked if I live in Hillingdon whenever I’ve used them).

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