Jan 05 2013

More Unrest at Vaughan School’s Consultation Problems

school_signsWe received an email this weekend from a resident near to the Vaughan School, who will be seriously affected by the expansion of the school, and the increase in traffic. We’ve edited it only to remove identifying details.

I am a resident of [redacted] on the non-school side, so the expansion of Vaughan School won’t affect us as much as it will the unfortunate residents on the other side, whose gardens back directly onto the school playing field. Nevertheless, I’m sure that the consequential increase in traffic in and around Blenheim Road/the Gardens will have a serious effect on all of us. It is already almost impossible to park in our road and if children are being brought in from beyond the catchment area, a lot of them will be sure to come in cars and not on foot.

Harrow Council appears to be desperately trying to pour a quart into a pint pot! I am still not convinced that they have got their numbers right, and if they haven’t and all the extra predicted children fail to appear, the whole thing will have been an unnecessary waste of money.

It is obvious from the comments of [iharrow.com] and others who have tried, that the documents on the Harrow planning website are extremely difficult to view or download. I have had a look at one or two but some of the links didn’t work and the sheer number of documents has put me and probably lots of other people off.

I sincerely hope this project will not go ahead as I believe there will be unforeseen problems due to underground streams, and it will almost certainly finish up costing far more than anticipated.

We’re always happy to post emails, either in support or, or against, the expansion of Vaughan School – or, indeed, other schools in the area – if you have anything to say, that’s not already been said, please get in touch: info@iharrow.com.

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