Dec 03 2014

MP Furious at Harrow’s “shortsighted” cuts

harrow_council_logoAccording to an article in MyNewsMag, Harrow Council’s public consultation on proposed budget cuts has been slammed as “shortsighted” and “incoherent” by local MP Nick Hurd.

The article goes on to say:

The council recently asked residents to have their say on how the council could save £75million over four years. The council listed 23 potential options for making savings and asked the public to prioritise them. Mr Hurd echoed concerns raised by the Pinner Association about this approach, as there was no indication of how much savings could be made by implementing the changes.

Mr Hurd said: “How can we comment on the different options if we have no feel for the relative savings?”

He added: “Harrow Council are not alone in facing the challenge of budget cuts. There is no point just blaming the Government.

You can read the complete article here. Couldn’t agree more, Nick. Couldn’t agree more.

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