Apr 06 2013

Mr Mustard’s Parking Ticket Guide

parking_ticketOur friend Mr Mustard, over in Barnet, has put together a comprehensive guide on challenging parking tickets in the London Borough of Barnet. Much of what he writes is entirely relevant to motorists in Harrow, hence our recommendation. He says, “It is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of any appeal, but armed with this guide you will be better off than before you read it.”

Covering the entire process from spotting a traffic warden about to issue a ticket, right through the three stages of appeal, he lists the numerous ways to avoid paying a parking fine, such as procedural errors, lack of signage, etc.

Bear in mind that the guide is written for Barnet, but it should provide a very good set of pointers should you be caught in Harrow.

You can download Mr Mustard’s guide here, and we’d also recommend a visit to his own website, here.



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