Sep 28 2016

Nappies no longer considered ‘household waste’ muses Harrow Council

harrow_council_broken_2Harrow Council is looking at the implications of classifying nappies as ‘non-household waste’, according to a source within the council. The implications, if this turns our to be true, could be very similar to what’s being seen in Anglesey, where the council is refusing to collect used nappies unless (a) the child is under three years of age, and, (b) the parents provide proof of the child’s age by showing a birth certificate.

It’s unclear how the policy might work, if implemented. It could be random checks of bins by the refuse collecting crews – and you can almost hear the UNISON boys getting ready to fight that one. It could be an additional bin – yes, another one – just for nappies, which might attract additional cost. Or it could simply be done on a trust system, which kind of negates the whole idea really. And whether a ‘contaminated’ green bin would still be collected, or the owner fined, remains to be seen.

Our source wasn’t clear if there was any consideration for wearers of adult nappies (for example, the infirm or the elderly) or for people with severe health issues who are similarly incontinent.

Despite requests, Harrow Council has been unwilling to discuss the plans publicly – whether that lends credence to the revelation is left to the discretion of the reader. However, the same source also leaked the news that there would be a charge for brown bins, before the council was forced to come clean over those plans, so it does seem credible.





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