Oct 11 2014

National Survey for Carers – Coming Soon

department_of_heathIf you are selected to receive a questionnaire and have difficulty completing it, you can ask a friend, relative, representative from a carer support organisation or an advocate to help you. More information, advice and assistance can also be obtained by contacting Allie Brice Direct line: 020 8736 6093 e-mail: allison.brice@harrow.gov.uk

What is the survey?

The survey is a national survey and all local authorities with social services responsibilities are required to take part. The survey asks carers about their quality of life and their experiences of the services and support that they receive. Carers of the following groups will be surveyed; older people, mental health, autism, aspergers syndrome, physically disabled and those who have a learning disability.

When are the surveys taking place? From October 2014, Harrow Council will be posting a questionnaire to a random sample of carers on behalf of the Department of Health asking them to complete a questionnaire. The deadline for returns is December 2014.

How will the results be used?

The results will be used by the Department of Health and Harrow Council to see how satisfied people are with carer support and services, and it will help us to make improvements. Findings will also be published by the Department of Health.

Harrow Adult Social Care will also be carrying out a local survey for service users so if the person that you care for receives one in the post we would request that you support them in completing and returning in the pre paid envelope provided.

For more information about the local survey you can contact Una Taylor. Una.taylor@harrow.gov.uk 020 8424 1022. Your responses are appreciated

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